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Scrap Quilt Patterns for the Lazy Quilter

Real talk: as much as we all love quilting, we don’t always love the hassle. So much time is spent cutting, piecing, marking, designing … all the little chores that are part and parcel of making a beautiful quilt. To be honest, sometimes quilting can be cause for therapy as much as it can act as therapy! Luckily, the editors here at FaveQuilts spend most of our time hunting down fast, easy quilt patterns and quilt patterns for beginners so that even the most inexpert among us can make beautiful quilts without too much effort.

So, for those long days when you just need to do something that’s creative but a little mindless, we’ve put together this list of easy scrap patterns that you can make without having to purchase new fabric or even leave the house at all.


Scrappy Quilt Block Patterns

Color Wheel BlockQuilt blocks are a great way to use up your scraps. Whether you turn just one into a coaster, or a few into a placemat, you can whip up some truly beautiful work with minimal time and effort. Blocks like the Color Wheel Block are ideal for using up those too-small scraps that you haven’t been able to use but can’t bring yourself to throw away.

1. Color Wheel Block
2. Twinkle Twinkle Scrappy Star
3. Scrapbuster Rail Fence Block
4. Staggered Strips Scrap Quilt Block
5. Scrappy Rainbow Star Block

Scrap Quilt Patterns

Film at Five Scrap Quilt PatternHave more scraps than you have need for new placemats? We know the feeling. Sometimes that stash pile can get so big that there’s nothing for it but a full-size quilt. Try one of these beautiful scrap quilts, like the Film at Five Scrap Quilt Pattern, which are guaranteed to use up a ton of fabric without causing too much of a headache!

1. Film at Five Scrap Quilt Pattern
2. Scrappy Ocean Waves
3. One Color Scrappy Baby Quilt
4. 11 Patch Scrap Quilt

Easy Quilt Patterns

Bubbly QuiltAnd here they are: the easiest of the easy! All these patterns, from Charlie the Elephant to the Clever Bargello Block, are impossibly easy. Sit back, relax, and let the process of quilting these projects give you the quilt therapy you’ve been looking for.

1. Charlie the Elephant
2. Clever Bargello Block
3. Scraptastic Quilted Tote
4. Bubbly Quilt

Want more awesome scrap patterns? Head over to our Top 10 Free Scrap Quilt Patterns page — now with 10 new favorites!

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