9 Ruffled Accessories for a Sweet New Look

20 Minute Ruffle DressEverything is better with ruffles (no, I’m not talking about the chips). Ruffled edging on clothes first appeared in the 15th century and has remained popular ever since.

Not a “ruffle person,” you say? That’s probably because you didn’t know there’s more than one type of ruffle and more than one way to wear ruffled clothing and accessories.

Sure, ruffles can be “girly,” but they can also be cute, simple, and just plain fun! For every personality type, there is a ruffle that perfectly suits it. Complement your outfit with a few handmade ruffles, no matter what your style. You can make something dainty and feminine, like a Ruffled Lace Flower Headband, or something that showcases your adventurous side.

Be proud of who you are and embrace your style with these fun ruffled accessories. Better yet, make some adorable ruffle apparel for a loved one. Perhaps you know a special little child who would like a Baby Ruffle Hat.

Baby Ruffle Crochet HatWhether you’re fancy, flirty, or fun, there are plenty of ruffle patterns for you to choose from. Add some texture and flair to your wardrobe with these nine ruffled accessories.


9 Ruffled Accessories for a Sweet New Look


15 Crochet Ruffle Patterns




BONUS! Ruffles look great on crochet wraps and shawls patterns, crochet purses, crochet scarves…pretty much anything can benefit from a ruffle! Check out this collection of 16 Crochet Ruffle Patterns.





Which is your favorite ruffle accessory and why?


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