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Link Love: Coming Up Roses

Flowers are great and all, but there’s something to be said about roses. They signify love, commitment and even matrimony. Unfortunately, now isn’t the time to start planting roses in your garden. That’s why rose crafts are perfect for this chilly time of year – you don’t have to water them or live in fear of a frost. Simply round up supplies like yarn, felt and ribbon and you’re ready to go.

DIY flowers are so easy to make and cost significantly less than the real thing. Crochet an entire bouquet of Pink Roses and give them to someone you love – they don’t require water and will never wilt or droop. If you don’t have yarn or aren’t interested in crochet, there are plenty of other options for rose crafts. Gather up some plastic spoons and use them to make Plastic Spoon Roses. These can serve as a fantastic embellishments on jewelry, clothes or in your hair. Just be careful when molding the plastic spoons – you’ll need a lighter or candle to get the job done. If you’re short on supplies, grab an old t-shirt and use it to create an Upcycled Vintage Fabric Flower. The old-school look will change the feel of any outfit.

Show someone how much you care by creating a bouquet of handmade flowers. You can use yarn, ribbons and even recycled materials to create your own fabulous florals. From jewelry to clothing embellishments, there’s no wrong way to rock a rose. Pick your favorite style and get to work – the creative options are endless!

  1. Coffee Filter Roses from Papery and Cakery
  2. Leather Floral Necklace from Plan B
  3. Rose Ring from Fall for DIY
  4. Folded Ribbon Rose from Moonshine and Sunlight
  5. Rose Beaded Necklace from My Little Secrets
  6. Fleece Rose from While She Naps
  7. Clay Roses from Treasure by Grace
  8. Crochet Rose Earrings from Pearl and Scissors
  9. Knitted Rose from Create With Mom