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Link Love: Crafts That Will Have You Seeing Red

February is all about the color red. Of course there’s Valentine’s Day, when red hearts, red candies and, well, red everything rules. February is also American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about heart health. Throughout the month, there have been a variety or events and opportunities to spread the word about heart disease. Wearing red was just one of many options and people all over the world took advantage.

Before February ends, make a red craft (or two) to capture the essence of the month. In a previous blog post, AllFreeHolidayCrafts editor Jennifer showed off some of the top red crafts from that site. Today, we’re widening the scope and going beyond holidays – we’re talking red crafts for every season! During the long, cold winter months, a Knitted Brim Hat and a Bright Red Shimmer Cowl are great accessories that will stand out from a sea of black clothes. These patterns show that your wearables don’t have to match the cold and gray weather outside your window! If you’re not interested in yarn crafts, use a red shirt to create a dress or red cardstock to make a handmade card.

Get inspi-RED and create some bright crafts that will capture everyone’s attention – it’s a great way to beat the winter blues!


  1. Paper Quilled Rose from Honey’s Quilling
  2. Mushroom Ring from Lexy Levin
  3. Duct Tape Gift Wrap from The Sweetest Occasion
  4. Ombre Bangle from One Artsy Momma
  5. Gold Twig Pendant from Crap at Crafts
  6. Date Night Bow Brooch from Terra Savvy
  7. Geometric Rose from The Southern Institute
  8. Fringed Feather Earrings from La Bella Ironia
  9. Red Statement Necklace from Elemental Carbon

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