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Recycled Milk Carton Pirate Ship Plus Earth Week Giveaway!

Yes, yes, Earth Day has come and gone, but we here at FaveCrafts.com think that the Earth is important enough to deserve at least a whole week or celebration. That’s why we’ve been honoring the Earth with special recycled and upcycled projects that help keep a little less out of the landfills. We want you to craft green to help the Earth and help yourselves save a little green. This small challenge comes with big reward. Return daily to enter to win one of two exciting Earth Week prizes. Find the contest rules and enter below.

FaveCrafts-Earth-Week-Logo*This giveaway is now over. Please enjoy the free tutorial below.

Today’s project is graciously brought to you by Scrapkins! They are a New York city based brand for kids art and crafting that focuses on using recycled materials – teaching kids to be creative and Eco-conscious at the same time! This project is an adorable, easy, and fun craft to make with your kids that not only helps recycle some household items

Scrapkins Milk Carton Pirate Ship




  1. Let’s begin mateys! Cut the top 1/3″ off the milk carton. You can ask an adult for help cutting.
  2. Trim the corners off the front of the top piece along the lines so it has a triangular end.
  3. Using a pencil carefully poke a hole in the center of the top piece for your mast.
  4. Use scissors to make 2 tiny snips in the end of the straw. Pull apart the 2 ends of the straw along the cuts so your straw has 2 flaps.
  5. Raise the Mast! Put the end of the straw through the hole in the top ship piece and fold down the 2 ends of the straw. Use a stapler to staple each end flat to the top piece so you mast is standing straight and secure.
  6. Place the top piece inside the bottom piece so the mast is up. Put 2 staples along each side to secure the top piece to the bottom. Now you have the hull of your ship with a Mast!
  7. Make a Sail! Cut along the edge of a toilet paper tube so you can open it flat.
  8. Use markers or crayons to design and decorate the sail.
  9. Use the hole punch to punch one hole at the top of your sail in the middle and one hole at the bottom.
  10. Attach the Sail! Slide the end of the mast through the 2 holes in the sail.
  11. Make a Crow’s Nest! Use scissors to cut off 1 egg cup from the egg carton so it looks like a little bowl.
  12. Use a pencil to gently poke a hole in the bottom of the Crow’s Nest. Slide the Crow’s Nest on the mast above the sail.
  13. Extras: Use paint to decorate the hull of the ship or cut out shapes of colored paper to glue on. You can make a flag out of a piece of paper and attach it to your sail. Try making more than one sail.
  14. Sail Your Ship! Place your ship in water and watch it float.

Wasn’t that easy? Thanks to Scrapkins for providing such a fun project. You can actually find this project and many more like it in their book, Scrapkins Build It Book: 12 Things You Can Make from Junk!

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Earth Week Giveaway

Return daily to comment on the blog for your chance to win one of the two Earth Week prizes. One lucky winner will win a Wool Felt Bug Kit and an Art Journal Kit from Arterro, and another lucky winner will win two hanks of At the Bahamas: Multi Colored Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn from Darn Good Yarn.

Bonus! As a gift to all Earth Week participants, when shopping with Arterro enter the coupon code FAVE20 for 20% off any order through May 1st.

Arterro Art Journal KitArterro Wool Felt Bug Kit

At the Bahamas Yarn


What household items do you keep to craft with?