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Link Love: Go Green in 2013

Last year, I made a resolution to go green. For me, this meant setting up a recycle bin at home and making sure to use it, even when it was less convenient. I also made it a point to repurpose recyclable items like jars and plastic bags. To be honest, I didn’t think it would make a huge difference, but I’ve really seen that every eco-friendly effort is completely necessary.

Recycle crafts can be made 365 days a year and tailored to any event. On FaveCrafts, there are free eBooks devoted to the subject (check out 12 Thrifty Trash to Treasure Crafts) and more specific roundups for a variety of materials such as plastic bottles. In fact, you can save the plastic tops from your water bottles and make a Bold Button Water Bottle Bracelet. Green crafting doesn’t end with recyclables, though. You can repurpose an old sock to create a Drawstring Sock Pouch – it’s perfect for carrying little treasures. If you’re a java fanatic, you probably go through plenty of K-Cups. Instead of throwing away all of those little empty cups, turn them into K-Cup Flower Pin Cushions.

There’s never a bad time to start a new habit. Once you start crafting with recyclables, you’ll be amazed how much money you save on supplies. Trim your trash haul and help the Earth – not a bad way to start the new year, don’t you think?

  1. Gift Card Holder from Paper Towel Roll from Nellie Bellie
  2. Recycled Jar Lantern from My Made Up Story
  3. Drinking Straw Bracelets from Mark Montano
  4. Jute Wrapped Recycled Bottles from The Full Moxie
  5. Manuscript Christmas Vase From a Recycled Tin Can from Wag Doll
  6. Wine Cork Stamps from Bespangled Jewelry
  7. Storage Frame from David Leon Morgan
  8. Super-Cute Fabric Bookmark from The Little Greenhouse
  9. DIY Scratch Paper from Recycled Books from Morena’s Corner