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Recycle Crafts for Kids and Adults: How to Make Magnets

Homemade magnets using household materials are some of my favorite thrifty recycle craft for kids. Homemade magnets are all set to display on the fridge, just as kids want to do with all their art work. Magnets projects using materials like little plastic bottles, juice lids and bottle caps are quick and easy little recycle crafts for kids. These magnets projects are also perfect for special occasions where kids want to help make gifts. Keep the kids entertained on long summer afternoons with these homemade magnet recycle crafts for kids.

Magazine/Junk Mail Magnets Projects

Magazines and junk mail are the perfect material for recycle crafts for kids. With a few additional materials, you can make truly attractive magnets for the fridge or bulletin board. You will need:

Kids can search out small, colorful images to punch out with the circle cutter or craft punch. Use a toothpick to spread a little glue on the back of a paper circle and glue to a magnet. Spread a little more clear glue on the front of the picture and press the back of the glass gem/marble on top. Continue to make a whole set of these glass magnet recycle crafts for kids.

Juice Can Lid Magnets Projects

Aluminum cans are always a useful tool for coming up with thrifty recycle crafts for kids. After making a batch of OJ from concentrate, keep the tin lid to make magnets. Kids can decorate the juice lid with photos, paints and glitter. Use a toothpick to swirl painted stripes or circles together (such as several circles around a photo.) Attach a magnet to the back of the lid and place on your fridge.

Plastic Bottle Planter Magnets Projects

Small yogurt drink containers, prescription drug bottles or film canisters can be used for magnets projects and other recycle crafts for kids. At simplest, you can clean and decorate the bottle, add a magnet strip and use to display a small flower bud or paper flowers on the fridge. For something a bit more fun, use a clear canister to watch a fast-growing vegetable grow. Bean seeds work especially well for this project.

Decorate the bottle and add a magnet strip to the back. Place two cotton balls in the bottom of the plastic container. Sprinkle a few drops of water onto to the cotton balls, place a few bean seeds on top and sprinkle with a little more water. Hang the container on the fridge. You want to keep the seeds moist but without water collecting in the bottom of the canister. Transplant the plant to a pot or your garden when it outgrows the canister.

Felted Sweater Magnets Projects

Old or damaged sweaters can be used for fun recycle crafts for kids. To felt in your washing machine, throw an old sweater with at least 20% wool into a delicates bag (100% wool will give a nice sturdy felt) and wash on high heat. Dry on high-heat cleaning the lint trap frequently. Some sweaters will require two washes to felt.

Use this sturdy material to make your magnets. Kids can cut out shapes using the help of a template or cookie cutter. Make flowers in several sizes and layer to create your magnets. Buttons look especially cute glued to the center.

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