Reach for the Stars

This week, I went a little out of this world for craft inspiration. I don’t know about you, but my heads been stuck in space. Of course, here at AllFreeChristmasCrafts, we love stars. I mean a Christmas tree is not complete without a star shining brightly from the top, right? I’ve also been daydreaming of the star-filled skies of summer (I’ve got a terrible case of the winter blues; where is summer when you need it?). And to top it off, the Oscars are coming up in 2 weeks, which means the Hollywood stars will be out in full force (and decked to the nines). Really, how could I not have stars on the brain?













In honor of those beautiful twinkling balls of fire thousands of miles above our head and the out-of-this world actors/actresses who will honored at the Oscars this weekend, I’ve rounded up a list of fabulous star crafts. From homemade Christmas ornaments to DIY wreaths, there are so many ways to craft with stars. What are we waiting for, let’s get crafting!
















Just in case you wanted to craft inspiration more in the route of Hollywood stars, I’ve got a few of those for you, too. Enjoy!

George Clooney Wine Glass – What could be better than having wine with George Clooney?













Ryan Gosling Earrings – Let him whisper secrets to you all day long.













Beatles Spoons – Sargent Pepper, reporting for cooking duties.











Would you ever make a craft with a celebrity face? If so, who would it be?




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