Loom Love: 11 Rainbow Loom Patterns for Valentine’s Day

Have you fallen in love with Rainbow Loom bracelets? So have we! As you already know, Rainbow Loom bracelets are the perfect accessory for just about any occasion…so why not make some new designs for Valentine’s Day?

To show our love for you, our lovely readers, we brainstormed new ideas, found some new Rainbow Loom patterns, and even included a special surprise at the bottom of this post. Enjoy, and don’t forget to spread the Loom Love!

11 Rainbow Loom Patterns for Valentine's Day

Ideas: Rainbow Loom Designs

Beautiful Bow Rainbow Loom BraceletsFishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelets

Update these classic Rainbow Loom bracelets for Cupid’s favorite holiday! Whether you’re making them for yourself or your BFF, Rainbow Loom bracelets are a super fun accessory for February 14th. Here’s how to turn our favorite Rainbow Loom patterns into something special for Valentine’s Day:

Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelets: pink, white, red…create pretty patterns with these romantic colors! Stack a ton of these on your arm for a super-festive look.

Easy Bead Rainbow Loom Bracelets: simply choose beads and rubber bands in festive Valentine’s Day colors, and you’re good to go. You don’t even need the loom for this one! Bonus points if you use heart-shaped beads!

Charmed Rainbow Loom Bracelets: have any adorable heart-shaped charms around the house? This tutorial will teach you how to add them to your Rainbow Loom bracelets. Talk about a classy accessory.

Beautiful Bow Rainbow Loom Bracelets: Give your beau a bow with this adorable Rainbow Loom design!

Printable Valentines

Easy and Adorable Printable ValentinesOver the Loom Printable Valentines

Already have a ton of bracelets whipped up that you don’t know what to do with? Give your friends the gift of a brand new Rainbow Loom bracelet for Valentine’s Day this year. You simply can’t go wrong with printable valentines like these, since they’re so easy to make. From ‘punny’ to pretty, you won’t want to miss these unique Valentine’s Day craft ideas:

 Love these valentine ideas for kids? Learn how to combine your rainbow loom bracelets with a photo of you for a super cool valentine!

BONUS! Rainbow Loom Video Tutorials

We love trying new things! Here are some incredible Rainbow Loom tutorials you just have to try:

How to Make a Valentine’s Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Valentine Heart Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Ready to show off your skills on the Rainbow Loom? This bracelet is the perfect accessory for February 14th.

Rainbow Loom Heart Charm

Beginners, approach this tutorial with caution. The Heart Charm is a little tricky, but it’s totally adorable. Give it a shot!

Layered Heart Rainbow Loom Pattern

This particular pattern is relatively easy. You can even turn this rainbow loom design into a fashionable hair clip to wear to school!


Which one of these tutorials do you want to try?

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