The Best Blogger Crafts: Quilters Bib Necklace Pattern


This month we’re celebrating our bloggers and their creativity. In January 2014 at CHA, bloggers gathered at our CHA Networking Event to meet companies and to work more with us here FaveCrafts. After getting a bunch of crafty swag from the event, they set out to make projects out of the materials they were given. We’re featuring these projects all month with giveaways so you can make your own versions of their wonderful crafts.

Quilter’s Bib Necklace Pattern

Quilter's Bib Necklace PatternGet creative with your jewelry making when you follow this Quilter’s Bib Necklace Pattern. This project is named after quilters because it uses fabric charms in addition to beads. The layered look of this necklace is even more outstanding when you incorporate decoupage beads. You’ll have to break out your sewing machine to make this vintage fabric bib necklace, but this project goes quickly. Plus, if you don’t mind mixing colors and patterns, this bib necklace DIY is also a great way to clean out your scrap stash.

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What’s your #1 sewing tip?


Thank you all for participating in yesterday’s giveaway! Congratulations to Nina G. who answered “Always read the entire pattern/process before beginning the project. Double and triple check before cutting! And keep scraps because they make amazing quilts, too! :)” Great tips Nina! Enjoy your prize!

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  1. Cindy Sherwood says

    Magnets! I have magnetic strip attached to my sewing machine that keeps my pins from scattering. Also magnetic bottom to the pin container helps, too.

  2. Chris Cassady says

    Iron your seams, don’t drink Koolaid near your fabric stash (but I have never done that wink wink)

  3. Alicia Saldivar says

    I’m not much of a seamstress but I really want to learn! I’m really into crocheting right now but as I get better I want to try new things and take my creativity to a whole new level! Thank you for all of the sewing tips! I can’t wait to try it out for myself 🙂

  4. Shirley says

    To not be discouraged! When I first got married, my husband sewed better than I did!

  5. Ana Sudy says

    Be careful and patient yo put all the pieces together with pins before sewing them.

  6. Rose says

    Practice, practice, practice! Make mistakes! That’s how we learn. Don’t give up! Stay the course!

  7. Kat B says

    Practice does make perfect (or at least close) — pass on your skills and knowledge to the next generations so that crafts like sewing and quilting are not lost.

  8. MissRebekah says

    Never try to make something on the day that you need it!!! Give yourself time to make mistakes, and perfect your piece 🙂 stress never helps your accuracy!

  9. says

    Remember that all the imperfections of something homemade makes it beautiful and unique. I am still a beginner crocheted and like to play with paints, oils, pastels when I can afford them. My homemade presents have been more appreciated than the ones I bought and went without were. Group are great for having certain time set aside for your project and for helping you when you get stuck. Also in finding new things to make.

  10. Sarah coyle says

    I don’t see much but my top is to always take the time to measure and pin your fabric. I do crochet a lot and my tip for that is to find a grip that is comfortable no matter what someone else says

  11. Christine Verissimo says

    To make sure your tension is correct, try sewing on a scrap piece of fabric before you begin.

  12. Fran Gascoyne says

    Always make sure you have everything close at hand, so when you go get something, your child doesn’t decide that this is the time that he wants to try out Mommy’s sewing machine

  13. Ruth says

    I haven’t actually sewn a garment for years but have been crocheting and knitting some this past winter. Would like to learn a quick and easy way to let out seams in garments I have that are too tight (because I eat too much)

  14. Vicki West says

    Make it a habit to wear a wrist pincushion – you’ll always have a pin and not lose them by putting them elsewhere.

  15. says

    I have had to alter nearly every piece of clothing I ever owned, all my life. Patience, good lighting, and now, reading glasses gets me through it!

  16. Tammy says

    Using your imagination can open the door to limitless projects and wonderful ideas for everyone.

  17. Chris says

    Keep your machine clean, oiled if necessary and just have fun with whatever project you are doing. Don’t stress out about it.

  18. Vanessa says

    My #1 sewing tip is easy. Just take your time. I always make errors when i am in a hurry. So take your time and get it right – the first time. 😀

  19. Kimberly Davenport says

    Always get your sew machine tuned up at least twice a year, just like you get your car tuned up your sewing machine needs to be taken care of also.

  20. Robin Johnson says

    Take your time and you will have straighter lines and less mistakes to rip out. Also make sure you have the right needle and the correct settings for the type of material you are using.

  21. Barbara Colvin says

    Use the right needle for the project: correct size, correct point. Sometimes all you need is a new needle to correct problems like thread breakage.

  22. Mary F says

    Make a list of supplies so that you know what you need to have on hand. Learn how to clean your sewing machine and all your supplies. Have any directions on hand. Then take your time and ENJOY. I do believe that is what it is all about, being able to enjoy and take pride the projects that you make.

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