Product Review and Giveaway: Lisa Pavelka Signature Series


#75 Jenny!

The Lisa Pavelka Signature Series JHB International includes a variety of tools for polymer clay: Border Molds, Texture Stamps, Craft Foil, Magic Gloss, Embossing Cutters, and Claying Around DVD.

Product Review By Maria Nerius


At least one member of the testing team has had the pleasure to watch Lisa Pavelka in action demonstrating her signature series product line. Lisa has made it easy to create designer pieces with polymer clay. The tools are efficient and easy to use. The Border Mold makes impressive boarders that are thick and well detailed. The cutters are some of the best the testing team has every tried. The Texture Stamps are richly detailed. Magic Gloss is pretty cool and again, so easy to use. This is a very complete product line. If you’d like to learn more about working with polymer clay the Claying Around DVD is done in a fun and informative fashion.


Tester Feedback

•    Great product line, anything you need is there for working with polymer clay from start to finish of any project.
•    Excellent detail on the border molds and texture stamps. Fresh and fashionable patterns.
•    Magic Gloss adds a shiny finishing touch. Easy to use and no mess with the tip.
•    Foil was interesting to use and results were perfect.
•    Claying Around was fun to watch and there was a ton of great information on technique.


We are giving away one set of  the Lisa Pavelka Signature Series polymer clay tools and DVD to a lucky reader. Just post a comment on this blog and you’ll automatically be entered to win. The deadline to enter is April 3, 2009 at 5 pm CST. We’ll send an email to the winner so please check to make sure your email is correct. You’ll get an extra entry for EACH of the following (if you comment and do all four things, you’ll be entered FOUR times):

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Craft Giveaway Summary

Prize: 1 set of Lisa Pavelka Signature Series polymer clay tools and DVD

Deadline: April 3, 2009 5pm CST

Good luck!

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  1. Maya says

    Last year I was lucky enough to find Lisa’s “Elegant gifts in polymer clay” in one of the bookstores here , in Belgrade.Those stamps and border molds would make such a valuable tools – but I’m not even sure I can participate in this giveaway /geographically speaking/.Thanks anyway !!

  2. Marta says

    I would love to try this polimer clay. It sounds like the tool kit and DVD is a great way to start.

  3. k a matelsky says

    I have learned so much from all the tutes and videos here — great job.
    Love this site

  4. Louise says

    Ah! something new to try ! I am curious enough to want to be one of the many avid clayers to want to try them.

  5. Juanita says

    I hope I win. I’ve been doing a lot of new crafts since I started getting my news letter from FAVECRAFTS!!!

  6. says

    holy cow!!! this really is a great prize!!! i found out about this giveaway via twitter! i’m so glad i did because what a wonderful blog!!! i’m bookmarking and will be back 🙂

  7. Renee G says

    Oh I would love to use this set to try out some ideas I have. Please enter me.


  8. Pam S. says

    It would be so cool to win these items! I loved watching Lisa on The Carol Duvall Show, and she is VERY talented!

  9. Cher says

    Hi! I would so much love to win this…I have been eying clay for some time now and the tools…just too chicken to do it! If I win I WILL DO IT! I too watched u on Carol’s show (how old am I!) so I know what is possible…just need your know how and tools! TYVVVM for a chance to win. Cher

  10. Ristak says

    Have been wanting to try her things, has yet to get around to buying them…..hoping I win them! = )

  11. Phyllis Freeman says

    WOW! What a packed full package of great tools

    Love Lisa’s books and would love to have her texture sheets.

    I’m the editor of our Guild’s newsletter and would love to do a show and tell of these products.

  12. Janice Stevens says

    This would be great to win so I can learn how to do it! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  13. Shaiha says

    Oh please pick me! I have been wanting to explore polymer and this would be a great way to get started!

  14. Rita Martin says

    Oh this is a neat idea!!! I am going to look into this when I go to the craft store!

  15. says

    I’d love to win this so I can learn how to use it! Thanks for the chance 🙂
    I’ll be back later with a link on my blog …

  16. Terri Snyderman says

    What a wonderful offer! Her borders look great – I’ve had trouble with home made borders not being even and consistent. I’d like to try these with a mica shift and also embedding some hole-less beads.

    I like using mixed media and the borders and texture sheets look substantial enough to complement the more three dimensional items I incorporate.

    And who wouldn’t like a great new set of cutters 😉

  17. Ulrike says

    125 comments, wow. I love Lisas products, what a pity, that they are not available in germany, only via Internet-Order.

  18. says

    I’m overwhelmed with the wonderful and kind comments here on this site. It’s so nice to hear from friends who posted and new friends I have yet to meet. I never really intended to develop a line of products, but these came naturally as I couldn’t find textures and tools for my clay and mixed media work that I needed. This was truly a result of my passion to create.

    Yes, many of my products (texture stamps, border molds, and embossing cutters work well with metal clay. Magic-glos also works great after metal clay is fired.

    I miss Carol Duvall so much like many of you and wish for the opportunity to get clay and crafting back on TV in a big way. I’d love to be a part of that, especially if it involved Miss Carol! She knows how much you all miss her and appreciates your love and support.

    I welcome your questions on polymer clay, metal clay and Crystallized TM – Swarovski Elements on my website:

    I have just joined Twitter and I invite all of you who are not already on my Facebook to become friends there. For news and updates about my products, classes and creative adventures, I invite you to visit my blog:

    Thanks to Maria Nerius for a great review. Best of luck to all of you in winning. The response has been so wonderful, we may just have to offer a prize package again in the future!

    Happy Claying!

    Creatively Yours,


  19. says

    I’m planning to take your class at A Work of Heart in San Jose in June…wouldn’t it be great to win the tools I’d need? Plus, I have to buy duplicates of everything so I have a set for Art Clay Silver as well as one for polymer. Love the textures!

  20. Roxanna says

    Totally cool, especially for some projects I’ll be starting soon.

    And I can’t wait to find a reason to try Magic Gloss!

  21. Geri Sauser says

    I used to work a lot with polymer clay in the 90’s. Then I got too busy. I am beginning again and am very impressed with all the new clays and tools, not to mention the techniques. (Canning was new and I had just started experimenting when I “dropped out”) Your prize package looks very exciting.

  22. says

    I’ve used a few of Lisa’s products over the years and have been more than happy with each of them. What a nice thing to do Lisa! Your demos on our much-missed Carol Duval show were always so easy to follow and so much fun! I’d love to have that DVD!



  23. says

    Lisa is great person, friend and mentor. I’ve tried some of these products but can’t resist to try to win some more. 🙂
    I hope you’ll pick me. 🙂

  24. Vivian says

    What an exciting contest! Thank you for the opportunity! I wish I could see you, Lisa, on HGTV. Miss you!

  25. Kellee Paschall says

    I would love to win these ! They would make a great addition to my studio …… I do not have any of the items and would love to try them out !

  26. Roxanne Napolitano says

    I’d love to try these tools etc with both PMC and polymer clays. Of course I’d love to win. 🙂

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