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pretty-birds-book-coverA little birdy told me that there’s a new sewing book out that you don’t want to miss! Pretty Birds: 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love is a brand new book by Virginia Lindsay from Running Press. We’re in love.

This book includes pattern templates for all 18 birds and amazing illustrations by Jess Herbert. Each bird was beautifully photographed by Ivan Jones and with each page I turn in this book I am itching to sew each and every bird! They are all so whimsical and, just as the described in the book’s title, simple. Sewing patterns don’t have to be complicated to be beautiful and this book is proof.

One neat thing about this book is that each pattern comes with “other ideas to try.” We love this because crafters love options when it comes to creating something. Keep each pattern as is or switch it up a little bit to turn a bird into pencil holder, a gift topper, or a kitten toy (to name a few). Plus, these little birds are great stash-busters and great for using up fabric scraps.

I decided to try my hand at sewing one of these pretty birds. Can you guess which one I am going to try? Come back to the blog tomorrow and you’ll get to see which pattern I tried PLUS get the pattern from the book for free!

pretty-birds-fabricJoin the fun and follow this blog hop!

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Want to win a copy of this lovely book? All you have to do is answer this question!

What is your favorite bird and why?

Thank you all for participating in our giveaway! Congratulations to Laura S. who answered, “My favorite bird is the Eastern Bluebird. They are so pretty, especially the males, and they are great just fun to watch. The first set of babies to hatch in the summer will usually hang around with the parents and help them raise a second batch of babies later in the summer!” Get excited to sew your very own little bluebird with your new book!


  • There is a maximum of one entry per person. The entry will be based upon a comment left on this blog post. Duplicate comments will be deleted and are not tallied.
  • Winners will be selected at random from the comments on this blog post.
  • Winners will be announced here on this blog post on March 12, 2015 as well as contacted by the email address provided.
  • You have until March 11, 2015 at 11:59p EST to leave your comment. Comments posted after that will not be counted.
  • Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada.


  1. LadyD says

    I love the northern cardinal, especially the pretty, bright red male of the species. When I see cardinals, I always talk softly to them and tell them they are welcome visitors in my garden, as if the birds can understand me. And maybe they do understand in some way; they usually stay for a short time instead of leaving immediately. I have no idea why I like cardinals best of all the birds, because red isn’t even a favorite color of mine under ordinary circumstances. I tend to favor the cooler colors… blue and green…

  2. Pam Mc says

    I am a Christian so, the dove is my favorite bird. Due to the fact that the Bible states. the Holy Spirit came down upon Jesus in the form of a dove. When I accepted Jesus as my savior I felt peace pouring over me from my head all the way to my feet.

  3. Carla Hundley says

    I love owls! Who knew how many
    different varieties there are of owls?
    They are so pretty and I would love
    to have one as a pet. I have a Blue
    Fronted Amazon Parrot that I love
    and is a great pet.
    Carla from Utah

  4. says

    My favourite bird is the Great Blue Heron. There are a few who live near a river that I go by on my way to work. Most mornings in the spring and summer, one or more heron will be standing in a bend of the river, waiting for a fish to swim by. I am always amazed at the patience and stillness of these regal looking birds. In the early morning quiet, they stand with infinite patience,zen-like in their silence. To me, the Great Blue Heron, is the epitome of peace, serenity and grace. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest..

  5. Jess says

    My favorite would be the British robins (instead of the US robins) – good memories of growing up in the UK.

  6. Virginia Bronner says

    My favorite bird is the humming bird. They are very colorful and I love the way they hover over a flower and look like they are standing still in mid air.

  7. Cathy says

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You are very kind to offer so many tutorials, I’m looking forward to try some this spring. Your giveaway is very generous, looks like a wonderful book to add to ones library. I favor the hummingbird best of all. I saw some dancing in the rain once and it was amazing!!

  8. Sue Marie says

    My favorite bird is a parrot named Otis, he roosts at my brother’s house and talks up a storm when he’s being ignored. My favorite variety of wild bird is a hawk, especially the one who hunts squirrels in my yard.

  9. anna donato says

    I love tweety bird. If he was a real bird, it would be perfect. He was cute, a rascal and smart and tough.
    He is the perfect little birdy.

  10. Nellie Smith t was used to show the endless items that can be embellished using it. I would use to make personal greeting cards,address labels helping my grandchildren create their own ideas! I need it! says

    My favorite bird is the robin.A pair of robins nest in our hedge which is almost against our sun deck. When they come back from their southern winter vacation,it is a true indication to me that spring is here.

  11. Louise Gagnon says

    The beautiful humming birds, All summer long our feeders are just humming.

  12. valerie says

    wow I am a big bird fan but American gold finches top my list. Right now we see them in their winter coats.

  13. Tammy Hempel says

    I like to watch the hummingbirds when they get around my feeder in the warmer months. They are real cool little birds. Some times they like to hoover in front of a window and just look around. When I am outside and they are feeding most of the time they just continue to feed and keep an eye on me and what I am doing.

  14. Ileene Fischer says

    I would have to say a robin, because that is my daughter’s name. but I love to watch most all of the birds.

  15. Marge says

    My favourite bird is the Atlantic Puffin. I love his beak and his colours plus I think he has a lot of character.

  16. Gaye Sylvester says

    I love all birds. I love in the country and love watching all the birds. I’m new to quilting and sewing and can’t wait to try adding bird application to my quilts.

  17. Robin says

    I love Robins because that’s my name! Also, I really love the Eastern Bluebird because they are beautiful and I love their song.

  18. Barbara Lima says

    In Western NY we have a little yellow bird which seems to run in flocks, I don’t know the birds name, but it’s very cute. When I’m walking along, they rush up from no where. I’m very fortunate, we have so many of God’s creatures here.

  19. Marg Corjay says

    I love peacocks because of the patterns on their feathers and their coloration.

  20. says

    My favorite bird is my little cockatiel Zowie…she is light grey and yellow with bright orange cheeks and has been a large part of my life for 15 years now…definitely my feather baby…

  21. Brandy says

    The cardinal is what come s to mind because when I see one, IU believe it is the spirit of my grandmother that has passed on.

  22. DeeAnn S says

    My favorite bird is the Bald Eagle. They’re so beautiful and majestic. And when in flight, they are a sight to behold. Love ’em!

  23. Laura S says

    My favorite bird is the Eastern Bluebird. They are so pretty, especially the males, and they are great just fun to watch. The first set of babies to hatch in the summer will usually hang around with the parents and help them raise a second batch of babies later in the summer!

  24. shea balentine says

    My favorite bird is the hummingbird. So beautiful, graceful, and quite the little fighter!

  25. Jennifer Herman says

    My favorite bird is a cardinal. I like them because they are strikingly bright and beautiful and I am a StL Cardinals fan!

  26. Carole says

    Birds are lovely, a natural gift, free entertainment and enjoyment. I keep water and food for all. So many birds to choose from, all with their own personality and attractiveness. After reading the other comments, I say: (1) of course the American Bald Eagle because or patriotism (2) the Cardinal because of beauty and seeming loyalty to mate, as I often see both male and female together (3) Hummingbirds are utterly fascinating and I hang the red sugar water feeder for them (4) Robins signal the start of Spring, both of which are a welcomed sight.(5) the little Wrens and Sparrows are just adorable and I’m so glad to have plenty, even though they often come into the house. (5) Grey Doves- soothing and sweet, cooing and snuggling♥

  27. Julia Alas says

    My favorite birds are cardinal, not only for the stunning red of the male, and their wonderful singing. Cardinals are extremely good parents; sometimes their chicks are bigger than the parents and the latter still feed them.
    Furthermore, they are a splash of color and joy in Winter!

  28. Blanca Acosta says

    I love all birds; it’s a difficult choice but I will get down to two!
    The mockingbirds for the range of its song; just listening to a mockingbird makes your day peaceful. Their many trills are so stunning that in several languages their name means “the bird of the thousand voices”!
    But then there’s another bird that doesn’t sing but produces a calm, lazy summer sound, the wood pecker.And there’re so many varieties. One of them is as elusive as the White Unicorn, the royal woodpecker. Cuban and American ornithologists are looking for their population in the easternmost mountain range in Cuba.
    When I hear the wonderful “tock. to tock” I take my binocular to locate the insect eating cute critter!

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