Planning Your Christmas Tree Theme with Pinterest

Can you believe that there’s less than a month left until Christmas? Now that all of the Thanksgiving decorations are put away, it’s time to focus on one of the biggest challenges for Christmas crafters every year; coming up with a theme for your Christmas tree. The editors at AllFreeChristmasCrafts know just how tough it can be to find fresh and exciting ideas that can go along with Christmas craft projects, which is why we took a look back at our Pinterest page to find for you some of the most original and beautiful tree designs along with a few craft ideas from our site to help you get started.

 Owl Tree









Any home of animal lovers will adore having a tree filled with cute little owls. This is the perfect opportunity to feature not only animal crafts, but also more rustic and nature inspired projects to give the tree an outdoor look.

Ornaments to get started:

Beach Tree









Do you miss Summer? Your beach paradise doesn’t have to be so far away as long as you have a few leftovers from your last trip. The ocean-themed crafts have soft colors to relax you, and turning your favorite seashells and stars into ornaments will give them a new, long-lasting purpose in your home.

Ornaments to get started:

White (or Colored) Tree









Ornaments aren’t the only way you can experiment with your Christmas tree. There are tons of ways to color them (be it artificial or paint), and these solid colors are great for vibrant decorations. You can create a real fantasy within your home that will really take your guests’ breath away.

Ornaments to get started:

 Driftwood Tree









For those of you looking for a very eco-friendly and mess-free option, why not build your own Christmas tree out of driftwood? This is becoming more and more popular because of how versatile it is; you never have to water it, you can take it down easily, and you can size it to fit anywhere.

Ornaments to get started:

Snowman Tree









If you can’t get enough of snowman crafts, you’ll absolutely love this creative design. It’s quirky and cute, but not so over the top that you can’t see it’s beauty. How fun would this be with some snow-themed ornaments?

Ornaments to get started:

Western/Cowboy Tree









Many of our readers have been looking for a way to bring the West to their Christmas tree, and this theme is a fun, very prop-friendly way. There are so many materials you can use to recreate classic Western and cowboy themes. You’ll feel the heat with such a hot theme!

Ornaments to get started:

What’s your Christmas tree theme for this year?


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