Picture Perfect Wedding Poses

I am currently in the process of planning a wedding, yes, my wedding! Yay! I am engaged and getting married next summer, which means I have been researching and brainstorming. I’d like to be a little different and do things so people can remember how unique our wedding was. I came across this web site that gives different ideas for photography poses before, during and after the wedding. Sometimes planning can be very stressful for a bride, so any tips are very helpful. I especially liked the one where the bride is being kissed by some of her groomsmen, that’s something I just wouldn’t have thought about. My fiance really likes black and white photos, so to enhance the photo you can add a color to one object in the picture whether it’s a flower, a dress or even the grass, it adds a little taste to the photo. So to my fellow brides out there I say good luck and be sure to capture those perfect moments!

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