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Celebrate Your Furry Friend On National Love Your Pet Day

Today is a very important holiday … it’s National Love Your Pet Day! The next time your spot your favorite furry friend, give him or her a little extra squeeze (not too hard, though). Here at FaveCrafts, we love dogs, cats, guinea pigs and even sugar gliders! We love sharing stories about our pets and even passing around photos of our favorite “fur babies.” We know our readers love their own pets, hence why we have an entire pet crafts category of the site.


Today, make your pet something that they can wear or use for playtime. Your favorite companion deserves a little TLC, and these projects certainly show how much you care.

Crafts For a Cat:

  1. Snazzy Cat Collar
  2. Kitty Treat Jar
  3. Sock Bed for Kitty

Crafts For a Dog:

  1. Doggy Style Dress
  2. Easy Upcycled Dog Toy
  3. Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern

Crafts For Every Pet:

  1. Pet Food Mat
  2. 3-D Pet Collage
  3. Pet Treat Pail

Do you have a pet? Leave a comment and tell us all about him/her!