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Delicious DIY: Use PEEPS® to Make a Christmas Candy Sleigh

This project is brought to your by Maria Del Pinto.

Here is a fun and easy way to share the holiday spirit with friends and family. This project features adorable Christmas holiday PEEPS® treats on a candy sleigh.



Using your favorite royal icing recipe (or purchase pre-mixed at cake supply store), mix up the royal icing.  Split batch in half and add red food coloring to one batch and mix.   Place the icing in piping bags to use to build and decorate the sleigh.  If you have egg sensitivities, you may wish to use melted white chocolate instead (make sure to follow manufacturers direction to properly melt chocolate).

Before starting, make sure to unwrap all the candy to make the decorating process faster. Then using a piping bag, draw two lines of white royal icing on the rice crispy square.  Lay the two candy canes on top of the Rice Krispies square equally spaced to create the base of the sleigh. Allow icing to dry.

Once the icing has dried, turn the base over. Tthe Rice Krispies square should be facing up. Take the PEEPS® Reindeer and using the red royal icing, attach a red skittle to his nose to make it bigger.  Allow to dry.

Take the PEEPS® Gingerbread Man and using both colors of the royal icing, add a few candy accents to add color to him.  Use the red icing to make a line at his feet and hands.  Don’t forget to put a little red icing on his mouth so you can see his smile.  Once the icing dries, poke a toothpick into him to help support him (and hold him in place) when you put him onto the sleigh.

Using the two colors of royal icing, begin to attach some of the Christmas candy to decorate the sleigh. To finish, use the icing to attach the PEEPS® Reindeer to the front of the sleigh.


Make sure to leave room for the PEEPS® Gingerbread man at the top of the sleigh. Remove the toothpick from the PEEPS® Gingerbread man.  Use the toothpick to carefully push through the candy bar into the Rice Krispie square.



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