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Mother’s Day Queen Bee Tea Party Saturday

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayQueen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayYou read correctly; Mother’s Day Tea. As in, Mother’s Day is closer than you think (it always is). This year, don’t go over tons of do-it-yourself projects trying to figure out which you haven’t made for mom yet. What she’ll really love is spending quality time with loved ones like you. AllFreeHolidayCrafts has got you covered as far as throwing a tea party for the woman who started it all: mom. She deserves this Queen Bee Mother’s Day Tea and will appreciate it more than you know. This doesn’t mean you can’t make numerous Mother’s Day Gifts for her; be our guest as far as crafting goes. These instructions on how to throw a tea party for mom are just another way to say, “I love  you; thanks for putting up with me.”

Paper Crafting a Tea Party

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayYou’ll be as busy as a bee when you make all of the paper crafts from these Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother’s Day. These instructions walk you through every step to hosting a lovely tea party for mom. Every craft, from card holders to hanging decor, is bee-autiful. You’ll feel like you’re in a buzzing bee colony by the time all of your homemade muffin cups and honeycomb cut-outs are made. The only difference is you won’t be terrified or stung – we hope.

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayOne of the most charming aspects of these Mother’s Day paper crafts is that each one is merely a detail in the collective tea party but is vital to its success. Take the drinking straw embellishment, for example. This is simply a teeny-tiny paper bee on a straw. Despite its small size it adds tons to the overall effect of the party. Making paper bees and honeycombs is incredibly fun, and having them strung about the table and walls only adds to the enchantment of this Mother’s Day tea party. Even if you’re not a regular crafter, these paper crafts are described so well in the instructions that you’ll be able to whip them up easily.

Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's DayThis entire tea party package is irresistible. The final set-up may look complicated, but putting this tea party together is very doable. Whether you’re throwing this tea party for your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother or mother-figure in your life, she’ll love it. Take some time out of your day and have fun crafting these beautiful decorations in honor of mom.Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

We hope we’ve put a bee in your bonnet as far as Mother’s Day crafts go. If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate the mama bear in your life, visit our site.

 Queen Bee Paper Crafts for Mother's Day

Why does mom deserve to be Queen Bee with this tea party?

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