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Trend Alert: Owl Crafts for Kids

Jar Lid OwlsThose big, watchful eyes, the adorable fabric patterns, their odd, yet somehow cute shape; I don’t know what it is about owl crafts, but they’re quite a trend, and AllFreeKidsCrafts is on board. So many of the adorable owl crafts out there are completely doable for the littlest crafty hands, so get crafting. Grab your tiny sidekick, your scissors and glue, your imagination (or if you have trouble finding that, you can count on your mini artist’s), and some patience, and you’re ready to get right in on the trends.

I have collected the cutest owl crafts flying around the internet. Hoo hoo hoo is ready for some scrumptiously adorable owls?


Owl Paper Crafts for Kids

Stamp Your Art Out Owl

Paper Owl MobilePaper crafts are stellar because they don’t cost much, but they can still pack a punch. If you include patterned paper or paint, you can up the ante even more. There are so many cute owl paper crafts for kids out there that it’s hard to pick a favorite. They’re all so darn cute. Since we’re AllFreeKidsCrafts, though, I’m going to give you the most budget-friendly option (which is still awesome). The Paper Owl Mobile from Made by Joel can be made from a piece of paper. Seriously. It’s so cute, and I love the movement you get from simply adding string. Decorate it with makers or just use patterned paper and hang this above a newborn’s bed.


Hooty Felt FriendsOwl Fabric Crafts for Kids

Grab your fabric scraps and get trendy. Since owls are adorable when they’re tiny, you don’t need much fabric to flap your wings and take off into the Hooty Owl Lavender Bagland of crafty cuteness. I love the variety in the list below. You can make heavenly scented owls, ornaments for any time of the year, or bunting to bring the owl fad full force into your home. I’m going to have to say that the Hooty Felt Friends are my pick because…well, c’mon. They’re precious. A close second, though, is the Hooty Owl Lavender Bag, at which beginning sewists can take a fair shot.


Plush OwlOther Owl Crafts for Kids

Although most crafty owls are made from felt, fabric, and paper, there are a few cute projects that use…who knows what as materials. Kids can sculpt modeling clay into a cute little owl shape to create the adorable Owl Pin Cushion (great gift for grandma), or they can experiment with upcycling in these other owl crafts for kids:

Upcycled Paper Mache Owl
Willow the Owl Mask
Jar Lid Owls

Handprint Owls


Are you a fan of the owl crafting trend?