No Sew Accent Pillow Pattern with New Michaels Fabric

In celebration of the new pre-cut fabric line at Michaels Stores, we have a fun and simple new home decor project to share. This is a project you can easily whip up in just a few minutes. The new Michaels fabric comes pre-cut and this project uses just that pre-cut piece to create a simple project to add a personalized touch to any room. You can use a pillow form you can purchase at the store or even jazz up an old pillow to match your new decor.

This is a great project to get the house ready for guests or change out your home decor for the holidays or seasons.No Sew Accent Pillow Pattern

Materials List

  • One yard of pre-cut Michaels fabric
  • 16 inch pillow form
  • Safety Pins
  • Two yards of wide ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Lay out your pre-cut Michaels fabric and center your pillow form.
  2. Fold the fabric the long way and secure it with safety pins. No one will see this part of the pillow, the pins are simply there to hold the fabric in place.No-Sew-Pillow-Project-Tutorial
  3. Fold the long ends into somewhat of a point being sure to pull the fabric taut and fold the corners sharply to create an edge on the front of the pillow.No-Sew-Accent-Pillow-Pattern
  4. Pull both ends and tie them in a knot as tightly as you can.No-Sew-Pillow-Project
  5. Add a wide ribbon tied to the pillow for an accent on the front.

Voila! It’s just that simple. So, if you are having guests over this summer, add a little personal pizzaz with a new accent pillow. Stay tuned, we have one more fun home decor project idea using the new Michaels Fabrics that you won’t want to miss.

You can also find lots of great ideas on Michaels Pinterest page or by following AllFreeSewing for great fabric ideas.


  1. Amanda says

    So cute! I think I would actually safety pin the knot too just to be safe. The ribbon could also be a contrasting color to tie in a secondary color theme. Great project though!

  2. Andrew Orwin says

    Thank you for showing how to creatively be able to make a pillow cover that you can easily shange up when wanted. I do not sew so finding your project was great! I also did not know about the pre-cut fabric from Michaels. I am going to Michaels this weekend and get the goods to make some of your accent pillows!

  3. Rachel Pomeroy says

    I love this idea! I’ve done some sewing, but it’s not my strong suit (I’m better at painting-related crafts). However, I love how easy this is! I’ve got some ugly couch pillows I’ve been wanting to replace for a while, and this seems like a perfect way to do that without splurging for new pillows altogether.

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