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No Carve Pumpkin Tutorial with Elmer’s

Halloween is a great time of the year to get your craft on. Whether you make your own costume, decorate your home, or carve your own pumpkin, there are so many ways that you can celebrate the holiday with your own handmade ideas. One of my favorite projects for Halloween involve no cutting or scooping at all. No need to get all that nasty pumpkin goo on your hands or in your house if you don’t want to. You can create a no carve pumpkin that will be a staple in your Halloween decor for years to come. We’ve teamed up with Elmer’s to bring you this awesomely easy Halloween craft, that takes very few supplies. Just because you aren’t spending that much on product, this rhinestone pumpkin will make your Halloween set up look like a million dollars.

No Carve Pumpkin for Halloween

– Elmer’s CraftBond Fast Drying Glue Pen
– Self Adhesive Rhinestones
– Artificial Pumpkin
– Ribbon
– Marker
– Ruler
– Tape


Use a scrap piece of ribbon, marker, and ruler to mark off how you want your rhinestones spaced on your pumpkin. My pumpkin was 8″ tall and I spaced my rhinestones every 1/2″.


Secure your ribbon to your pumpkin as a guide for your rhinestones. I used masking tape but any tape will work.


Squeeze out small dots of glue according to your guide. This glue works great, so you only need a small amount. It also dries completely clear, which is awesome. Once you complete the first row, you can use that row as your guide for the rest or resecure the ribbon to the next area as your marker.


Complete each section and go all the way around your pumpkin.


This is a very simple craft and I’ve seen plenty of blinged out decor lately in the stores but you can make this fabulous Halloween craft for a fraction of the cost. The results will impress your friends.


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