15 Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts for Summer

Looking for an easy summer sewing project? Nine patch quilts are perfect because they’re so quick to make. What’s a disappearing nine patch quilt, though?

A disappearing nine patch quilt is a simple rift on the traditional nine patch quilt. Each square quilt block is so unique that you can’t immediately tell where the blocks come together.

Take a look at our favorite 15 Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts for Summer. We admit most of them are disappearing, but we picked a few traditional nine patch quilts for old times’ sake, too.

If you’re feeling extra inspired, you can find more free quilt patterns in this article, 20 Free Nine Patch Quilt Patterns + Other Nine Patch Designs.


Link Love: Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Ideas

Pretty in Pink Disappearing Nine Patch QuiltThe following bloggers have a real knack for nine patch quilt patterns. You’ll love their free tutorials because they’re thorough and easy to understand. We like what you’ve done here, ladies!

1. Pretty in Pink Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Cathy

2. Cheery Cherry Blossom Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Suzan

3. Preppy Pastel Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Blenda

4. Wonky Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Elizabeth

5. Summer Lovin’ Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt by Sharon




 Easy Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts

The Take Along QuiltThese nine patch quilts are a piece of cake to make. We think that these quilts would be great at the beach, a summer picnic, or a concert in the park. Sew at night time for a relaxing and fun evening activity.

6. The Take Along Quilt

7. Carrie’s Checkerboard Quilt

8. Strawberry Fields Forever Lap Quilt

9.  Lattice Garden Fence Quilt

10. Simply Disappearing Baby Quilt


Just for Kicks: Traditional Nine Patch Quilts

These traditional nine patch quilts are absolutely darling. They require a little less time than a disappearing nine patch quilt, and you can even pick a cute theme. We love the under-the-sea motif right now. It’s utterly adorable!

11. Really Simple 9 Patch Quilt

12. Rainbow Squares I Spy Quilt

13. Home Sweet Home Nine Patch Throw

14. Mod Nine Patch Throw

15. Brady Bunch Inspired Nine Patch Block



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What Do You Prefer: Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts or Traditional Nine Patch Quilts? Comment Below!

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