New Pattern Monday: Tissue Box Covers

Tissue manufacturers try their best to make cute designs on their tissue boxes. However, their best just isn’t good enough. If I ever see another mauve paisley tissue box, I just might scream. Plus, no matter how cute your tissue box is, it’s still made out of cardboard. If you’re into plastic canvas patterns, making a cute tissue box cover is a cinch.

Window Frame of Flowers Tissue Box Cover: This cover is for those who love too many colors. Stitch a flower of every color inside each “window frame” on this tissue box.
Window Frame of Flowers

Music and Flowers Tissue Box Cover
: Stitch a piano vignette and attach a romantic rose to this tissue box cover and give to your tango partner!
Music and Flowers

Framed Flowers Tissue Box Cover: A great spring home decor accent, the framed flowers tissue box cover features silk flower embellishments for a unique, 3-D look.
Framed Flowers

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