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Monthly Craft Question

If you haven’t already noticed, we work with many talented and interesting craft bloggers. The FaveCrafts editorial team thought it might be fun to ask our blogger friends a question each month on crafting. For example, what was your worst crafting disaster? We will then publish the answers as a round-up style blog post, linking to all the participants. Each month’s question will be posted at the top of our sidebar (look right) at the beginning of each month . The answers will be published at the end of the month.  If you would like to participate in the round-up, please send us your answer to the craft question, along with your name, blog and url. If you would prefer us to only publish your online pen name, that’s no problem. Please include “Monthly Craft Question” in your contact.

December 2011: Show Us Your Craft Room!  How do you organize your craft room?  What are your best-kept organizational secrets? Favorite storage products or tips? Pictures are welcome!

November 2011: When it comes to crafting, what’s better: quantity or quality?

October 2011:  What’s the thriftiest Halloween Decoration You’ve Ever Made?

September 2011:  Sew and Tell!  What did you sew this month? 

August 2011:  If you had all the free time in the world, what would you make?

July 2011:  What is your favorite craft trend?  What types of trends would you like to see in the future?

June 2011: Where or when did you learn how to craft?  Who is your crafting guru?

May 2011: Since Dads are challenging to buy for, are they also hard to craft for?  What are you giving your Dad for Father’s Day this year?  Pictures or projects are welcome.

April 2011: What are you giving Mom for Mother’s day this year?  Did you buy it or craft it?  If you crafted it, what did you make?

March 2011:  Show us what you made for National Craft Month!  What was your favorite craft project?

February 2011: What are the strangest, most creative materials you’ve ever crafted with? What did you make? How did it turn out?

January 2011:  How are you getting your craft room organized for the New Year? Do you have any tips? What’s your best-kept organizational secret? Are you happy with the state of your craft room? Why or why not?

December 2010: Do you have a craft-only policy when it comes to holidays or do you sometimes buy your holiday gifts?  What’s the best gift you’ve ever made for someone?

November 2010: How do you go green with your crafting? Do you enjoy making Eco-friendly projects?

October 2010:  What’s your favorite DIY project to make for Halloween? What do you plan on making this year?

September 2010: Who inspired you to become an artist/designer? Why do you like to create?

August 2010: Do you like to use patterns and templates when crafting or do you just wing it? Do you plan and measure your projects carefully or not?

July 2010: How do you save money on craft supplies?

June 2010: What is your favorite DIY gift idea for Dad?

May 2010: Are you a self-taught crafter or did you learn from someone?

April 2010: What is your favorite craft idea for Mother’s Day?

March 2010: Where Do You Buy Yarn? Tell us about your yarn stash! Pictures welcome.

February 2010: What is Your Favorite Craft Tool?

January 2010: What was Your Worst Crafting Disaster?

December 2009: What Was the First Craft You Made as an Adult?