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HOT New Craft Trend: Weaving and Tapestries

I know. It is hard to imagine loom weaving as the latest craft trend, but as you guys are doing more and more DIY Bohemian decor, weaving crafts fit right in. Rainbow Loom Bracelets are a cousin of good old fashioned weaving, but looms can be as small as hand-held or as big as tapestries. You can make some rustic wall decor with weaving and creating a tapestry. Tapestry? You may think that that form of art has long died out since the Middle Ages, but they are making a comeback into the modern age.

HOT New Craft Trend: Weaving and Tapestries

Weaving and Tapestries

So what exactly are tapestries? In the Middle Ages, their main purpose was to insulate large stone castles and protect the insides from dampness. Since they required large looms and many workers to make them to cover expansive wall areas, they quickly grew to be a symbol of wealth and power to be able to commission these wall decorations to be made. Kings would take them on their travels for prestigious status and for comfort in their depictions of their favorite stories or past times for thought and reflection. Pictures of victory battles were commissioned after wars starting in the late 1500’s  (source). Until the 18th century, they were completely made by hand and dyed from plants and insects until the first automatic loom was made by Jacques de Vaucanson which made the tapestries far more sophisticated in pattern (source). Today, tapestries are rarely hand woven. Although the manual labor of hand-weaving has been taken over by machines and an automatic press, the amount of time has been reduced, but they are nonetheless still an intricate piece of artwork (source).

I promise I won’t be making you build a huge loom and start juicing pomegranates to make your own DIY wall decor. This is the 21st century after all! No, I will just make you buy the dye instead of juicing fruits and insects, but you still have to make a huge loom…totally kidding. Loom projects may seem super scary just by the history alone, but we still craft even with Martha Stuart in business, don’t we? This is a trade and a skill that you can take with you for the rest of your life. Small weaving projects are a great place to start. You may love this so much that you may want to go big and create your own tapestries.


Here are a few projects to get you started!

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Do you think tapestries and hand-weaving are going to die out with technology taking over?


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