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National Sewing Month: Medicine Kit by Lelanie of To Sew With Love

Dear Readers,

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Happy National Sewing Month!

Here’s today’s post:

Hi, everyone. I am Lelanie from To Sew With Love and we are happy to be here with you for the National Sewing Month. 
I would like to share with you today a very quick tutorial for an On-the-Go Medicine Kit.
You could even personalized it by adding more compartments and varying it’s size depending on your needs.

If you are a mom like me or if you like to be organized, this medicine kit is perfect for you. I actually have one of this for each car (mine and my hubby’s) and I already wanting to make a smaller one for my mommy purse where I keep my Diaper and Wipes Purse

I came up with this kit when one day, I was out to the groceries with my kids and my eldest got a small scratch on her knee and we were still on our way to the groceries. Yes, I did bought band-aid when we arrived at the grocery but I did wish I had something on hand  before that. Believe me when I say this little organizer will be one of your must-haves whenever you got out especially with kids!

You won’t even have to go out and buy fabric for this project. You could make it right now from a half-yard or less than a half-yard fabric. You could also use a combination of scrap fabrics for this project. A really great way to use those scrap fabrics in your stash. Plus a really quick project. It would take you about more or less 30 minutes to finish one!

This is great as a last-minute gift idea as this would make a very nice and thoughtful gift for moms or dads, parents-to-be or just anybody you care about!
So, let’s proceed to the tutorial!

*Feel free to add/subtract inches to/from my given measurement. Measurements are in inches.

Main Body, 2 pcs. : 21.5 x 9 
Side Pockets, 2 pcs. : 8 x 9
Center Pockets, 4 pcs. : 5.5 x 4.5
Envelope Pocket, 2 pcs. : 6.5 x 5.5
Flap for Envelope Pocket: 2.25 x 5.5

If you want your medicine kit to have some body, you can iron or sew on medium to heavy weight stabilizer. This is entirely up to you. I stabilized my two main body fabrics with iron-on medium weight stabilizer.
Don’t worry if you don’t have stabilizer on hand. You can still make this project without it.

Get one of your side pockets and fold it in half so you would end up with a 4×9 sized pocket. Sew straight stitches 1/4 inch away from the folded edge as seen above. Do the same to the other side pocket piece. Set aside.

Get two of your center pockets pieces, bring them together right sides facing together and sew straight stitches all throughout the four sides of the fabric. Do not forget to leave a more or less 2.5 inches unsewn part/opening so you could turn your fabric later.

Clip the edges and turn your pocket piece inside out.

Topstitch on one side of your pocket (which would be the top part of your pocket). Repeat the same steps for the two remaining center pocket pieces and for the rest of the fabric pieces (envelope pocket and flap).

Get one of your main body piece and pin in place (on each side of the main body fabric) your (2) side pockets and both center pockets on the center of your main body fabric. 
Add a tag if you want to. 
Sew on the pocket to your main body fabric by sewing basting stitches all around the three sides of your pocket. 
Do the same to the other pocket.

I have decided to divide one of the pockets into two so I’ll have more compartments. To do so, just get the center of your pocket and sew straight stitches all the way the top and bottom of your pocket.

Do you remember we also pinned in place our center pockets? I pinned my in place and the bottom part of my center pocket is about 1.5″ away from the edge of the main body fabric.
As I did not want to have a medicine kit which is too bulky on one side, I have decided to have my left center pocket on the bottom while the right center pocket on the top (it would be like upside down). I hope I make sense (sometimes I even confuse myself ^^). 
But if not, it will be clearer when you see the finished item ^^)

Sew your pocket in place by sewing all around the three unsewn sides. Remember, only the sides and the bottom. Do not sew on the pocket opening (I once did ^^)

I have decided to make a tab with velcro as closure for this medicine kit. So I took two fabric pieces (6″ x 2″) and have sewn them together, right sides facing together, with straight stitches, leaving an opening to turn it inside out after clipping the edges,

Turn it inside out and topstitch all the sides.

Get the other main body fabric (the one without any pockets on yet), assemble your envelope pocket overlapping the flap on the pocket and pin in place. 

Sew it on your main body fabric by sewing straight stitches all throughout the four sides.

Determine where your tab closure should go and pin in place. Do not forget the velcro! ^^)

Do not forget the other part of the velcro. I also added a handmade tag below the velcro.

Sew each and every piece on.

Get both main body pieces, right sides facing together and sew them together by sewing straight stitches all the way, leaving about 3-3.5″ unsewn so you can turn your piece inside out later. 

Turn it inside out and topstitch. Make sure you have arranged well your side pockets before topstitching. For this medicine kit, I have forgotten to turn the side pocket where it should be and so I ended up with only 1 side pocket and two center pockets on one side and on the other side, one envelope pocket and side pocket. I, however, made sure to avoid committing the same mistake on the next medicine kit I made ^^)

That is the envelope pocket in action.
Do you remember, I told you that I forgot to flip the pocket on the side where it should be? So you could see the side pocket here when I folded and brought the sides of my kit on the center.

I made a mistake in taking this shot but I am sure you can see the other pocket on the right hand side. You see, it looks like it’s upside down. I wanted it that way to avoid bulk on only one part of the kit. But if you’d rather have both pockets on the same side, you can of course make it that way.

Some more pockets. I later placed a small bottle of iodine solution on the center pocket where the gauze is in this picture.
I love pockets! The more, the better! ^^)

Another view on a different angle. ^^)

Here’s the other medicine kit which I have made. The one with the rooster print is for my hubby’s car while the other one is for my car. 
While I am writing this post, I am already planning to make one for my mommy bag!
You can never have enough medicine kits!

I hope you liked our tutorial. And thank you, All Free Sewing for inviting us over. 

Have a lovely day everyone!