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National Sewing Month 2013: How to Organize Your Sewing Room

It’s Day Twenty-Four of National Sewing Month! Too see the daily blog posts, projects of the day, and more National Sewing Month details, click here.

National Sewing Month 2013

Why is it that one of the most important rooms in the house almost always ends up overwhelmingly cluttered? At least for me, top-ranking rooms in terms of mess always are the bedroom, the kitchen, and inevitably, the sewing room. Today we’re exploring how to organize your sewing room to maximize space, enforce functionality, and reduce stress!

Stash BucketsSewn Containers for All of Your Goods

At AllFreeSewing, we sew. We understand the importance of accumulated odds-and-ends around the sewing room. The sewn containers below are the perfect solution to reducing the family’s inexplicable uproar over your 500+ button collection or 2-inch wide strips of fabric. Learn how to make a basket or box to stash your stash. After all, what they can’t see can’t hurt them, right? These DIY containers allow you to hold onto your absolutely necessary 25 spools of blue thread (different shades, of course), without hearing a single complaint from your loved one.

Wall Pocket OrganizerHanging Wall Organizers

Learn how to sew a hanging wall organizer so that your sewing supplies are right where you can see them. These elevated, easy-to-make designs can hold clothespins, tiny tools, and more. Follow the instructions in these sewing tutorials to and apply them to fit your personal needs in your sewing room. You’ll absolutely love the finished product the each set of instructions yields.

Filing FabricOther DIY Organizers

Sometimes our needs in our sewing rooms are so specific, it seems like no single tutorial exists to properly address these needs. For example, many of us suffer from (or rejoice over) overflowing collections of fabric. In numerous cases, there aren’t enough boxes or bins to stash that fabric, or even put those containers that do carry your precious prints. We absolutely loved this innovative approach to filing fabric from The Thinking Closet. It uses up that desk space you might never use! Find more creative ways to organize bits and pieces below.

DIY Washable DusterHelpful Hints to Clean the Clutter

When all of the sewing is said and done and you have all of the packages, boxes, bags and more that you could ever want, chances are you still have some stray threads around the room. For that finished look, try these helpful tutorials to keeping your sewing room looking squeaky clean.



What item in your sewing room would others say you have “too much” of?



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