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National Craft Month: Crafting 101

As experts and enthusiasts of all things crafty, FaveCrafts decided to host a special National Craft Month blog series for all of our lovely readers. Check back for a new blog post every day featuring our favorite projects, new craft videos, how-to’s from the FaveCrafts editors, and a GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS, AMAZING craft giveaway at the end of the month. That’s right–we’re giving away the biggest prize ever, a gift basket chock full of crafting goodies from our craft closet. There’s something for everyone in this gift basket.

Leave a comment below, and on any blog post labeled “National Craft Month” in the headline, and your comment will count as an entry into the giveaway. You are free to comment as often as once per blog post (for a total of 31 chances to win!). At the end of the month, we’ll pool all of the comments together and pick one lucky winner.

Talk about a broad topic! FaveCrafts is all about Crafting 101. So I thought I’d give you some direction as to where to find some of your most sought information on FaveCrafts.

First, we have a craft videos section on FaveCrafts.com. In addition to all kinds of videos from experts and fabulous crafters, we have special sections for videos from Cool2Craft Videos and Terri O Videos, and sections for Soap Making Videos and Paper Craft Videos. And don’t miss our FaveCraftsVideo YouTube channel and FaveCrafts 365 on the blog, both of which have even more videos!

Then, there’s the Crafting Techniques, Tips, and Tutorials section on FaveCrafts. In the 89 articles in that section and the , we cover everything from Adhesives to Working with Waterbrushes! Plus, we’ve got a special tie-dye section that covers all types of methods of creating cool dyed items.

And since we cover all types of crafts on FaveCrafts, you’ll find projects for most of the techniques you’re looking to learn.

That leads me to today’s question.
What crafting technique do you want to learn that you’re looking for information on? If you’ve searched FaveCrafts.com and haven’t found it, let us know what we’re missing and we’ll put it on our list of projects and tutorials to add to the site.