National Craft Month 2014: Day 17 Winner

Day 17 of National Craft Month showed me that even if you craft in a variety of ways, there’s always more to learn! WE are all about learning new crafts and branching out of your comfort zone. The Simple and Sweet DIY Pouch project and giveaways was provided by Even if you didn’t win today, keep entering to win our grand prize and stay tuned for more great prizes every week!


Congratulations to…

Cindy K.!

We asked: What types of crafts are you interested in learning how to do?

Congratulations Cindy, who replied, “I love marbleizing things! ornaments, envelopes, note-cards, you name it……….I am always experimenting! Some of my best designs have been with shaving cream and dyes!” Learn more techniques from with this gift card prize!

You can find yesterday’s Simple and Sweet DIY Pouch in our free eBook, 18 Projects Every Crafter Wants.

Happy National Craft Month!

mini_right Simple and Sweet DIY Pouch


  1. Catherine Russell says

    I enjoy all kinds of crafts. I just started going through some of my old ideas, and redesigning them, to give an up dated look. The one I am working on now is a hand hooked rag rug( I will have to post a picture of this one). I have done hooked rugs before but always with a set design, this one is my own design and style. I enjoy fabric painting, lace painting, sewing, and paper crafts. It is fun when you can combine several fields of crafts into one. Thank you.

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