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National Coffee Day: 11 DIY Mugs You Need in Your Life

Happy National Coffee Day! September 29, National Coffee Day, is the best day. Why? Coffee. If you love coffee, then this is the day to celebrate! Don’t have a cool coffee mug to show off on a day like this? Then try making any of these easy craft ideas, and get your brew on.

11 DIY Mugs You Need in Your Life

You need these DIY mugs in your life. They’re the perfect DIY gift idea because you can customize these DIY coffee mugs to fit any occasion. Don’t even get us started on monogrammed mugs! Also, you can gift them to yourself. Even better! Avoid pricey store-bought mugs by learning how to decorate a mug yourself in order to perfectly match your kitchen’s décor. Then, display your beautiful DIY coffee mugs on a DIY Mug Rack, so that everyone will see the awesome crafting skills that you possess.

National Coffee Day: 11 DIY Mugs You Need in Your Life


1. Quick & Easy Initial DIY Mugs – Make your own initials and gift these mugs to yourself. Or, make someone else’s as the perfect DIY gift.

Quick & Easy Initial DIY Mugs2. Easy Marbled DIY Mugs – These marbled mugs are on-trend and so easy to make yourself.

Easy Marbled DIY Mugs

3. Glam Glitter Mug – Add some glam to your mornings with this sparkle mug.

Glam Glitter Mug

4. Martha Stewart Coffee Mugs – These DIY coffee mugs are colorful, stylish, and fun.

Martha Stewart Coffee Mugs

5. DIY Abstract Brushstroke Mug – For the artsy coffee drinker; choose the colors that inspire you.

DIY Abstract Brushstroke Mug

Image courtesy of thesweetestoccasion.com

6. Dollar Store Hack: Beautiful Alcohol Ink Mug – These mugs look like anything, but dollar store creations!

Dollar Store Hack: Beautiful Alcohol Ink Mug

Image courtesy of babble.com

7. DIY Travel Mug – Need your coffee on-the-go? Customize your travel mug in a few simple steps.

DIY Travel Mug

Image courtesy of flaxandtwine.com

8. DIY Mug Makeover – This mug decorating tutorial proves that gold really is magic and makes everything amazing.

DIY Mug Makeover

Image courtesy of thesarahjohnson.com

9. Metallic Painted Mugs – If you want in on the copper trend, but can’t afford the pricey copper mugs, then this is the solution that’s better than the original!

Metallic Painted Mugs

Image courtesy of designimprovised.com

10. Anthropologie Inspired Mug – So pretty and so floral! Curl up with a book and a cozy throw while drinking your Cup O’ Joe from this pretty creation.

Anthropologie Inspired Mug

Image courtesy of morenascorner.com

11. Two-Tone Dipped Mugs – Consider DIY Christmas gifts solved. Everyone’s getting these cranberry-esque, dipped mugs from us this holiday season.

Two-Tone Dipped Mugs

Image courtesy of thisheartofmineblog.com

How do you take your coffee?