Must-Haves for the Beach: Cute Sewing Projects for Summer

With temperatures soaring this summer I’ll be spending every free moment cooling off by the water. Whether I’m heading off on a tropical vacation or just the neighborhood pool there are some essentials that I won’t leave home without. Of course there’s the obvious, I can’t live without sunscreen and a great beach read, but these cute sewing projects are must-haves as well.

Before your feet hit the sand be sure to check out these sewing patterns which are both chic and practical. They are sure to make this your most stylish summer yet!

Beach Bag From Recycled Materials – You can’t  start packing for your day of sun and fun until you have a great beach tote. In my opinion, bigger is always better when it comes to totes so this beach bag is perfect. It’s also made from recycled plastic so it’s eco-friendly!

Lace Back Tank – Lace is a great addition to your wardrobe this summer. It’s perfect for creating that light, romantic look that’s hot right now. This lace backed tank is a cute sewing project that is perfect for everyday wear and looks great over a bathing suit. All you have to do is sew some lace on one of your old racer-backs to transform a boring basic tank into a summer essential.

DIY Lace Shorts – If you haven’t noticed by now I’m a huge fan of the lacey trend. Denim shorts are always in style but I love how these cut-offs are hemmed with lace. Daisy Duke would be proud.

Lululemon Braided Headband Knockoff – When I’m reading or playing beach volleyball the last thing I want is my hair getting in my face. This Braided headband is a cute sewing project that keeps those unruly beachy waves in their place.

No Sew Eyeglasses Case – There is nothing as aggravating as finding out you scratched your brand new pair of aviators. Make sure this beach tragedy doesn’t happen to you with this No Sew Eyeglasses Case. Just use a potholder to create a safe haven for your shades.

No matter what your beach of choice is this summer, these sewing projects will make sure you are prepared for your day in the sun!

What beach essential can you not leave the house without?



  1. Sarah says

    This is really cool! I’m definitely going to try the lace tank top. You rock, Katherine!!!!!!!!

  2. Ethel says

    Wow Katherine, this is awesome. I love it! I’m going to do all of this creative stuff!

  3. Sara says

    These are fantastic projects for the summer! I LOVE being eco-friendly so the Beach Bag from Recycled Material is something I might try! I also LOVE this lace trend this summer and these projects seem easy and cute that I would love to try one of these days!

  4. Emily Shire says

    Thanks for these wonderful crafting ideas! I can’t wait to try some of them with some of my gal pals this summer! I’m especially digging the Earth-friendly tote…a project that not only looks great, but is one to feel good about, too!

  5. geena says

    I love that braided headband! I have such an issue keeping the flyaways out of my face! Thanks for the idea, I will definitively be trying this one out

  6. Agatha says

    The glasses case is great. Now I can bring my glasses to the beach and not be worried about the sand

  7. Kathy says

    You know, I have been searching the web for a way to make safe haven for my sunglasses. Thank you!

  8. Sarah says

    Katherine all of these ideas are so great! I need to try to make the lace shorts, they are so cute!

  9. Kimberly says

    I love your first idea of making a beach bag. I’m not a very experienced sewer, but I think I could probably handle sewing in straight lines!

    I looked through the tutorials for these and came across the Read and Sew Tote, which has “read” stitched onto it. Now, I think it’d be fun to create a beach bag with “beach” or “fun in the sun” or something summery like that on it. Oh, the possibilities for these custom creations!

  10. Pearl says

    I am totally a lace lover too! The lace tank and shorts are adorable! I especially love the eco-friendly tote, though. I always have so much stuff with me, and this is such a cute way to keep it all contained! Thanks for all the great ideas…now I just have to find a beach to go to…

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