5 Must-Have Quilting Notions

You may want to delve into the world of quilting, but it can be intimidating to see the list of supplies that are recommended or required! Keep it simple by checking out these basic must-have quilting notions. There are a variety of intuitive supplies you will need, such as a sewing machine, needles, and thread. However, if you’re new to quilting, make sure you have these recommended notions to get started.

1. Rotary Cutter

This will make your fabric cutting life exponentially easier. Say goodbye to attempting to cut perfect squares with fabric scissors and hello to cutting with ease. A rotary cutter looks incredibly similar to a pizza cutter and works in a similar way. The blade is extremely sharp, which is perfect for cutting through not only one fabric layer but several.

Rotary Cutter

2. Self-healing Mat

One Does Not Simply

One does not simply use a rotary cutter without a self-healing mat. You could theoretically use a regular mat, but a self-healing mat lasts much longer. Try to purchase the largest one you can afford. The bigger the mat, the more convenient.

Rotary Cutting Mat

3. Acrylic Rulers for Quilting

These go hand in hand with your rotary cutter and self-healing mat. Measure out perfect quilt blocks, charm packs, or otherwise when you use this essential quilting supply. Simply align the ruler and use your rotary cutter to trim your fabric.

Acrylic Ruler

4. Marking Tools

It is extremely difficult, possibly impossible, to eyeball your work when it comes to quilting. Marking your quilt can be intimidating, but don’t fear! From water-soluble pens to chalk, you can mark your quilt without hesitation.

5. Pins and Pin Cushion

Pins aren’t just for beginners! Make sure you have sharp pins on hand to keep your fabric together. Even experienced quilters use pins! A few tips: make sure your pins are sharp, and make sure you have a handy pin cushion. The pin cushion both stores your pins and prevents them from rusting!

Scrumptious Scrappy Four Square Pin Cushion

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What quilting notion would you recommend?





  1. Kelley Hornberger says

    Definitely seam ripper and new/sharp machine needles! Also, in my opinion, basting spray is a huge must have!!

  2. Rachel W says

    Why can’t they make a self-healing mat that does not STINK. I have asthma and cannot find a mat that does not STINK.

  3. Lois Auger-Barrie says

    I love my Rotary Cutter, but it would be useless with out the self healing mat.

  4. Paula K. says

    I have a pair of snippets handy whenever i sew. They are much easier to use than scissors for cutting thread.

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