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Mosaic Christmas Tree Skirt

Bernat Mosaic Yarn Christmas Tree Skirt
New video tutorial coming up. How to crochet your own Christmas Tree Skirt. 

Coming up shortly will be a new tutorial featuring this Bernat Mosaic Christmas Tree Skirt. If you want to follow a standard 6 Point Star Tutorial, you can do so. The difference between the 6 Pointed Star and this tutorial is that I have left a large hole in the center of the skirt to slip the articifial tree pole through it.

Some people may complain that a slit is more convenient, but usually my cats like to fiddle with the slit area and eventually crawl under it. Having no slit removes the curiousity and makes less hassle for me. My skirt here has to be slid onto the pole before inserting it into the base of the tree holder. Sounds a bit convenient but I prefer it that way. See this preview if you are interested in refreshing your skirt to something new.

There are 5 balls of Bernat Mosaic Yarn here. 2 Pyschedelic, 2 Balls Optomistic, and 1 Ball Calypso put into the star in that exact order. I put a couple lines of white to break up the colours but they are not put in where the balls stop and start. I strategically put them in ton Round 5 and Round 10. I circled the entire star at the end with a round of white done in triple crochet.

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