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Monsters University Movie: 14 Monster Crafts for Kids

Printable Paper Monster ToyWhen I was growing up, Monsters, Inc. was one of my favorite movies of all time. Who can resist the hilarious Mike, lovable Sully, and oh-so-adorable Boo? Nobody, that’s for sure! My sisters and I bonded together, a rare feat I assure you, over our mutual hatred of Randall and his unjust ways. That movie will always define a part of my childhood, and it made monsters a lot less scary than I thought they were. Monsters don’t have to be scary; they can be big, friendly, and fun. In honor of the release of the new movie, Monsters University, try making some monster crafts for kids. If you love monsters as much as I do, then you will have a blast, whether you are making a recycled craft or something good to eat.

Turn an apple into a delicious monster treat, construct your own monster glove, or even make a monster from something as simple as an egg carton. Here are some great monster crafts for kids from AllFreeKidsCrafts.com for your movie-viewing pleasure.


Monster Munch BrowniesEdible Crafts for Kids

The first thing you need while watching the movie is something to munch on. You don’t want your tummy to be rumbling so loud that you can’t hear anything Sully and Mike are saying. If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, then these Monster Munch Brownies are the perfect edible craft for you. Using icing, cereal, and chocolate chips, decorate some delicious brownies to look just like your favorite monster. Frankenstein can come alive, or you can create a fun, new friend with these monster crafts for kids.

Other Edible Crafts for Kids:
Apple Candy Monsters
Monster Snot
Sesame Street Marshmallow Pops


Menacing Monster Gloves

Creative Crafts for Kids

Little minds get awfully creative, so provide them with an outlet for their crafting hands. Try out these creative crafts for kids and you can make tons of  monster decorations or maybe a new monster friend. Don’t scare your family and friends too much with these Menacing Monster Gloves because they will think a monster got into the house. This monster craft for kids is sure to be a hit. If you’re out of crafting ideas, then try this fun monster craft idea to instantly transform yourself into the Yeti for a fun-filled day.

Other Creative Crafts for Kids:
Goofy Little Monster
Macaroni Monster Mates
One-Eyed Egg Monster
Three-Dimensional Monster Hands
Yarn Monster Friend
Printable Paper Monster Toy
Where the Wild Things Are Lesson
Handprint Monsters
Monsters University Cootie Catcher


Egg Carton Monster ManRecycled Craft Projects for Kids

You will have a blast making these recycled craft projects for kids, and you will be saving the environment. Monster craft projects for kids are great ideas to make at any time during the year when you feel like you need a scare. This fun Egg Carton Monster Man craft is a colorful recycled art project to make. These monster crafts transform everyday objects that you would otherwise throw away, like paper and lids, into monster toys that you can play with around the house. The great thing about this craft is that it won’t bust your budget, and you can paint it any color to instantly turn your new friend into any Monsters, Inc. character.

Other Recycled Craft Projects for Kids:
Sippity Doo Dah Monsters
Monstrous Lids
Milk Jug Monsters
Tissue Box Monster



Who is your favorite monster from Monsters, Inc.?