The Giveaway to “DIY” For + Monster Milk Cartons Desk Set


This month we’re celebrating 15 New DIY Crafts from some fantastic companies. Each day we will be featuring one of these projects along with a giveaway to help you craft your heart out.

Monster Milk Cartons Desk Set

When kids have an inspiring work space, doing homework is so much more fun. This Monster Milk Cartons Desk Set will scare away their homework hesitation and inspire them to unleash their creativity as they work. DIY desk organizers like this one are incredibly budget-friendly, since you can grab your supplies from the recycle bin. Plus, kids will have a blast making these milk carton crafts as crazy and colorful as they possibly can. Organizing ideas have never been so fun and funky!

Crochet Patterns, Painting Ideas, and More:  15 New DIY Crafts
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Enter to win today’s prize


Today’s prize is a variety of Elmer’s products. Included in the prize is:

  • Painter’s Paint Markers
  • Craft Bond Glue Spots
  • Craft Bond Precision Tip Blue Pens
  • Craft Bond Fine Line Glue Pen

In order to win today’s prize, all you need to do is:

  1. Like the AllFreeKidsCrafts Facebook page here, AND
  2. Like the Elmer’s Facebook page here, AND
  3. Leave a comment on this blog post below telling us:

How have you used Elmer’s glue in your crafts?

todays winner The Giveaway to DIY For + Blooming Wall Art

Thank you all for participating in yesterday’s giveaway! Congratulations to Paulette who answered “Love Elmer’s glue. My granddaughters and I do lots of crafts using it. We have lots of fun and to my liking it isn’t messy!” Enjoy this prize!

To see the current giveaway, please check our giveaway schedule.

Don’t forget to enter The Giveaway to “DIY” For! Filled with more than $700.00 worth of amazing prizes from 15 companies, this is the ultimate way to get crafting this month! The deadline to enter is May 23, 2014 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern time.

The Giveaway to "DIY" For!


  • There is a maximum of one entry per person. The entry will be based upon a comment left on this blog post. Duplicate comments will be deleted and are not tallied.
  • You must “like” both the AllFreeKidsCrafts and the Elmer’s Facebook pages to be eligible.
  • Winner will be selected at random from the comments on this blog post below.
  • Winner will be announced here on the blog tomorrow as well as contacted by the email address provided.
  • You have until tonight, May 7th, 2014 at 11:59p EST to leave your comment on this post. Comments posted after that will not be counted.
  • Contest open to anyone 18+ in US and/or Canada.


  1. Tamsyn says

    I used Elmer’s white glue in school and at home when I was young, and now my sons use white glue, glue sticks and glitter glue for collages, homemade cards, art journals…everything! We love it, and it’s always non-toxic.

  2. Charisa Wiseman says

    I have used Elmer’s white glue for years, keep several bottles on hand!

  3. h cotton says

    We make bunnies out of pompoms and use Elmer’s white glue to stick them together. I would donate the prize to the day care at the community centre

  4. becky sakovitch says

    There is only one problem I have with Elmer’s glue…never having enough! I teach Transitional Kindergarten, and we love our glue! We use Elmer’s glue daily, my secretary said we need to buy stock in Elmer’s we use it sooo much. From glazing to 3d art Elmer’s is there for me.

  5. Roni Dulany says

    We have used Elmers glue to make toilet paper art, puzzles, homework assigments, and so much more. The uses are almost unlimited.

  6. terrie says

    I have assorted Elmer’s glue on my craft desk…
    I really like the glue pens
    thanks for a great give-away

  7. Mauri Skier says

    I use it for all my crafts. Finishing my paper mache, jewelry, frames everything

  8. Jodie Smith says

    We have used Elmer’s for years. We have many different Elmer’s products in our home for all things crafty and for school projects.

  9. Tammy Gent says

    I used Elmer’s glue in school. If I win I will be giving the prize to my Niece’s three children for use at home and school.

  10. Pamela Hannah says

    I use Elmer’s glue to make sure things stick. I even use it for decoupage. If I win this would be agift for my son’s special ed class

  11. says

    I love Elmer’s Glue. I have always used it I think I would be hard press to know anyone that doesn’t love Elmer’s Glue.

    elmers glue.

  12. victoria says

    I have Elmer’s school glue for my kiddos and I have some Elmer’s wood glue also

  13. Darlene Britzius-Nelson says

    Love Elmer’ s product. I use it for everything. It’s interesting to see the changes over the years of udining it. N9w I ts used in crafting of all not just to put something together. We cannot live without it. Never have enough of it in the house. Thank you for creating such am awesome stuff.

  14. yvonne furmage says

    This would be an awesome prize to win and use in my homeschooling!

  15. Janet Crossman says

    I use Elmer’s Glue for lots of things around the home but, mostly I use it for quilting applique. It works great and is washable.

  16. Tanya Boerhave says

    I’ll be using Elmer’s Glue this weekend to make a birthday card. Traditional for the thicker materials and stick for papers that might wrinkle.

  17. Jolene Jones says

    My grandchildren and I make valentines cards and mothers day cards and other fun crafts. We also use Elmer’s glue for making holiday decorations – even president’s day and Columbus day! They love doing crafts, and I love the ease of use and not having any clean up to do.

  18. Karen Schroeder says

    I’ve used Elmer’s glue in so many of my crafting and card making projects!

  19. Paula says

    I use Elmer’s glue and a lot of the other fine products they make for all my craft projects ,

    Scrap booking and card making.

  20. Amanda Casto says

    I use Elmer Glue when I make crafts with my daughter! It is easy to clean and has a strong bonding hold!

  21. danielle says

    i use Elmer’s glue on almost every project from wood working to glass to paper crafts. It is one of the best adhesives that i have found. It works great for either temporary or permanent bonds!

  22. Genevieve says

    I have used Elmer’s glue for 48 years and I will be using it for another 48 years. Hopefully, God will see it that way. Enjoy life & love you neighbors.

  23. DONNA BARRETT says

    I use Elmers glue on some of the cards I make and when wrapping gifts. Comes in handy for so many crafts and household uses.

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