The Giveaway to “DIY” For + Monster Milk Cartons Desk Set


This month we’re celebrating 15 New DIY Crafts from some fantastic companies. Each day we will be featuring one of these projects along with a giveaway to help you craft your heart out.

Monster Milk Cartons Desk Set

When kids have an inspiring work space, doing homework is so much more fun. This Monster Milk Cartons Desk Set will scare away their homework hesitation and inspire them to unleash their creativity as they work. DIY desk organizers like this one are incredibly budget-friendly, since you can grab your supplies from the recycle bin. Plus, kids will have a blast making these milk carton crafts as crazy and colorful as they possibly can. Organizing ideas have never been so fun and funky!

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Today’s prize is a variety of Elmer’s products. Included in the prize is:

  • Painter’s Paint Markers
  • Craft Bond Glue Spots
  • Craft Bond Precision Tip Blue Pens
  • Craft Bond Fine Line Glue Pen

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How have you used Elmer’s glue in your crafts?

todays winner The Giveaway to DIY For + Blooming Wall Art

Thank you all for participating in yesterday’s giveaway! Congratulations to Paulette who answered “Love Elmer’s glue. My granddaughters and I do lots of crafts using it. We have lots of fun and to my liking it isn’t messy!” Enjoy this prize!

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The Giveaway to "DIY" For!


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  1. Mari Bailey says

    I have been using Elmer’s glue since my earliest gluing experience in the 1960’s. It has always been my “go to” glue. I have grandchildren that do crafting projects with me at my house, so I still have bottles and now sticks of it at home.

  2. Debbie says

    I use Elmers for a long time and now use it with my grandchildren when we do projects.

  3. sally garling says

    I use Elmer’s glue for crafts I do for patients at a local hospital. We are a Senior Circle group and I lead a group of Seniors monthly to make easy crafts for Patients trays. If it wasn’t for Elmer’s glue we would not be able to do what we do for the patients.

  4. Denise W says

    I love every product, Ive been mom for 27 yr and family child care provider for 23 yrs, this is the only name brand glue we use, I can trust it with the kids that they wont get hurt using it nor will it mess up their clothes or my table/floor. Its a great price too. ill never use another,,,thanks

  5. Virginia Patton says

    I’m new to this site, but I must say that I enjoyed all your comments on Elmers glue. I would love to see some of those button projects! Please send pics if possible.

    Many thanks

  6. ANITA BROOKS says

    i keep it on hand so my grandkids can always have available the elmers glue

  7. Melissa Blackwell says

    We use a lot of Elmer’s glue around here. Most recently, my 7yr old had to create a diorama on an endangered animal. We used Elmer’s glue & glue sticks to attach the scenery, the ‘sea grass’ and to cover the shoe box so that it looked like the ocean. it turned out great and held together perfectly!

  8. Amanda Braithwaite says

    I use Elmer’s glues for everything… Scrapbooks, greeting cards, children’s crafts. I also love their wood glue to do wood crafts and fix many things in my home.

  9. Jean Pimental says

    Just used Elmer’s glue to make gifts for Administrative Professionals Day for the staff at my office. It’s the best for crafting.

  10. Grace says

    I just used the Craft Bond glue stick for a fund raiser project for our school. I LOVE IT!!!!

  11. Tisha Miller says

    We are always using Elmer’s glue for crafts in team kids and VBS in my church.

  12. jessie says

    I think I use it every day (I have a 6 and a 3-year-old). Yesterday it was to glue pictures into a Teacher Appreciation Week card.

  13. Kellye Hannema says

    We use Elmers glue in almost every one of the kids craft projects. It is kid friendly and dries clear. The glue sticks are great too. I buy them by the dozen for school and home projects.

  14. Elaine Breton says

    I have used Elmer’s Glue for work, school and play projects for years! A great glue!

  15. says

    I have used Elmer’s Glue products for years. From framing projects to school crafts I have never been disappointed. Thank you for always upgrading your products to be the best.

  16. Cynthia Jurca says

    Elmer’s is my go to glue for all my crafting. Can’t live with out my Elmer’s!

  17. Vickie Tompkins says

    As a grandmother of 7 and living with 3 of the grandchildren we use Elmer’s every day for Crafts and every day fixes around the house.

  18. Shirley Bigalk says

    I love the Elmer’s glue sticks. When my grandkids come out they hand for craft cabinet and get paper, colors and the glue sticks. They are so easy for them and I love them, too!

  19. Anna Marie Garrett says

    Elmer’s has been my go to for both crafts at home (like making Christmas ornaments) and in the classroom (creating “All About Me” folders).

  20. Brenda says

    We have used Elmer’s Glue for Crafts and emergency clothes repair. As a child i would put elmers glue on my hand, let it dry and pull it off, it was more fun than some of the craft projects. Also, Elmer’s glue is the choice by teachers. Elmers glue and FaveCrafts will keep you busy all day every day. FaveCrafts is the best online craft site.

  21. Wanda Rodgers says

    I have found many uses for Elmer’s glue. Some things you would just laugh at. I used to put it on the palm of my hand and smear it around then let it dry. I loved that feeling of smoothness and then would try to peal the whole pad of glue off without tearing it. My crafting abilities have advanced since then and now use a lot of different tools on wood, paper and cloth. Love painting and making new things. Can’t get enough.

  22. Karen says

    I’ve used quite a bit of Elmer’s glue for my crafting, even Elmer’s Rubber Cement. Also love the glue sticks.

  23. Diane mcklusky says

    I use Elmer’s glue for all my craft projects. Today I bought 2 wood pieces I will use Elmer’s to glue them together

  24. Mary Hoffman says

    Aloha Friend:
    I have used “Elmer’s Glue” for turning over a hemline & gluing it down before I actually sew it!
    I’ve also used it to get out splinters from the kid’s fingers..(they think it’s so very cool)..just let it dry & voile’ it comes right out!

  25. Jessica Cox says

    I have been using Elmer’s glue since I was old enough to know what crafting was, it gets used for everything. From little paper crafts to the big stuff. I love the glitter glue when I’m decorating during the holidays, honestly it’s not a big a mess when I’m working with kids(and anyone who works with kids or even some adults knows the horror of glitter). I’ve even got projects from when I was in elementary that are still together and that was a long time ago.

  26. Angela Harasymko says

    Hi I love to use Elmer’s glue dots when attaching card fronts to my cards. I also use other glue products in the card fronts themselves.

    Love your products.

  27. Trude says

    I will use it with my friends children here in Norway. We will make a lot of fun things together 🙂

  28. Lori says

    I LOVE all of Elmer’s Products! I use them for crafting, cardmaking, building birdhouses, around the house, and just about anywhere! Thank You for this wonderful give-a-way! In our area (zip 98937) I have not seen the Elmer’s Painters Pens tm! Not at Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Wal*Mart or K*Mart! So now I will be asking them to order some! Thank You again.
    I will be using the products with friends to create incubator cards with baby’s name etc. For our local NICU babies and cards welcoming their new baby! Will also use with the grandchildren teaching them crafts!

  29. cathy Wojcik says

    You can’t go through life without elmer’s glue. My daughter just made a mak for romeo and juliet. Could not have added all that red glitter without it.

  30. sarah clemons says

    Ditto Joyce’s comment for the most part, with kids and with my own projects Elmers is a part of everyday life since forever.

  31. Kristie Bivens says

    My son had to make a school project making crafts using recycled material that we had at home.

  32. Roseanna Crawford says

    I have used a lot of Elmer’s products. I use the adhesive tape runners and liquid glue in my scrapbooking and paper crafts. I have used Elmer’s wood glue in my wood crafts.

  33. ingrid morrison says

    I love doing all kinds of craft & my great-grand children will so enjoy using the Elmer products.

  34. Kathy O'Gorman says

    Elmer’s glue has been around fir so long because it is the first name one thinks of with the word “glue.” I use it in scrapbooking to stick papers together, attach borders and embellishments, as a base for glitter, and to add to paint for a bit of shine on my pages. I love that it is safe to use around my grandchildren.

  35. Carol Kuntz says

    Can’t wait to use Elmers glue with my grandson..some Nana and me time 🙂

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