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Michaels RE-Love Blogger Challenge

MichaelsTo celebrate Earth Month, Michaels created a blogger challenge to challenge us to create something new from something old. Taking someone’s trash and making it treasure is no easy feat, but I stepped up to the challenge with a few ideas in mind and my Michaels store down the road.

I started with the idea that I wanted to use metal in some form. It’s not a material I use often in my crafting endeavors, but I know that working with metal has been on my list of “things to do” for awhile. I’ve worked with ceramics, paint, and even wood but metal has not been something I’ve had time to try.

I made a trip to my local thrift shop and picked up a handful of used stainless steel and silver spoons and various other utensils:


Pretty, right? I loved the designs on each handle and the uniqueness of each spoon. I could tell each spoon had a history or a story – a part of a set at one point in time now separated and mismatched. While useful for college students looking for cheap silverware for their apartment, these spoons will most likely sit around for awhile to be eventually thrown out. Not to get sentimental, but I’d like to think I rescued these spoons from ultimate doom.

RE Purpose

Now armed with my rescued spoons, I went into my Michaels store and headed straight to the Jewelry section. Here I found tools that will help me re-new these spoons and give them a new life.

I bought:Michaels RE Love supplies




Letter PunchInsriblio









Eager to get started, I headed home and got to work. There are a variety of ways to flatten spoons and bend their handles. I haven’t quite mastered all of the techniques just yet, but see all those spoons above? I have plenty of them to experiment on in the future. My chosen method for this particular challenge involves this old vice in my dad’s tool room:


Not pretty, but it does the job. I also decided that perfection wasn’t my goal. I wanted a vintage look and a result that doesn’t scream “I bought this” or “this is perfect.” Part of re-purposing materials is understanding that the materials must speak for themselves. To completely disguise what an object once was almost defeats the purpose. That’s why I want to re-fresh these spoons so that upon closer inspection you can say “hey, that’s a really cool thing you did with that spoon!” Or something like that.

RE Fresh

So, after smushing the spoon and using my manly strength (okay, my dad may have helped). I took a hack saw (also my dad’s) and sawed off the handle of the spoon. Using a nifty drill to make a hole in the flattened spoon, and the files from Bead Landing, I ended up with a flattened spoon pendant. But it needed something a little extra of course. So I pounded away and used the letter punches to finish the deal. So far, the RE-Love challenge has taught me to RE-…


Stay tuned for more about my RE-Love project and see the final pieces!

Are you upcycling to celebrate Earth Month?