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Michaels Make Every Moment Count Blogger Challenge

make-every-momentI was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the Michaels Make Every Moment Count Blogger Challenge, where I got to go on a mini shopping spree at Michaels Craft Store to stock up on the lastest and greatest scrapbook supplies. Scrapbooks are wonderful mediums to preserve memories in a fun and unique way. While pictures are lovely, they don’t always tell the full story; scrapbooks allow you to fill in the details with words, embellishments, and collages. So, you can imagine that I was thrilled to have the opportunity to document a very memorable trip to New York in a beautiful and descriptive way.


I immediately went to my nearest Michaels store on a mission. I wanted my scrapbook to tell the full story of my adventure, past what mere photographs can convey. Before venturing to the store, I organized the photos that I wanted to feature and chose a “theme” for each page of my book. Sometimes, you’ll get inspired at the store, which is totally fine, and an important step in the creative process. However, if you go in with absolutely no idea or strategy, you might get overwhelmed. I knew I wanted to have a page on the Subway, because that’s a quintessential symbol of New York, and we had some great pictures taken there. I also was intent on finding the perfect embellishments and scrapbook paper to enhance the photographs of us rowing a boat in Central Park. With these ideas in mind, I began my search.

Michaels is arranged so conveniently that finding what I needed was simple. There are a few different aisles dedicated to scrapbooking, and I must admit that I thought I had been sent to heaven. Here is the aisle featuring ALL of the beautiful scrapbook paper:


I then went on to the sticker aisle. This is my favorite section by far. There are the most adorable sticker sets I have ever seen. There are 3D stickers and themed embellishments. I bought this set because it was perfect for the boating page:


I also thought these were adorable:


Here’s a quick snapshot of only a sliver of this amazing section:


I bought a few sticker letters to spell out fun phrases and write captions, and I found these fun foam letters in large and small:

IMG_2195 IMG_2197

I wasn’t sure what kind of book I wanted, so while browsing, I decided that a neutral book would be best because I was ready to start from scratch. There are, however, some awesome themed books to inspire and inform. My book was on sale!


Here are some other scrapbook essentials that I purchased to make my crafty process easier:

IMG_2190 IMG_2192
Glue dots                                            Tape Runner (adhesive)

Also essential for scrapbooking are punches. You can get fancy shapes, but I just stick with circles of different sizes.

Some other fun details I purchased:

IMG_2208 IMG_2203
IMG_2202 IMG_2198

I can’t wait to get started on my project!