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Meet and Make: Bea Vonk

This week’s Meet and Make designer is Bea Vonk. Bea is the creator of Modern Country Lady, a blog devoted to frugal countryside-related crafts. Bea has also started her own small quirky product line this year, called My Aunt Agatha inspired by Miss Marple, Agatha Christie  and vintage embroidery.

Bea comes from a long line of creative people who have inspired her to be frugal and be creative, rather than buy. Most of all, Bea enjoys sharing her creative projects and tutorials to infuse other people’s lives with a little more creative fulfillment.

Want to know more?  Keep reading and learn about Bea!

  1. I LOVE cardboard – the possibilities are endless.
  2. In case of extreme happiness, I drink tea – and lots of it.
  3. I love looking in skips ( dumpsters) for discarded furniture that I can do up.
  4. My garage is overflowing with bits and bobs  that ” may come in handy one day”.
  5. My four “furbabies” have all been either the inspiration for craft projects or very “helpful” during them.
  6. I get my best ideas when walking my two dogs, Maud and Millie.
  7. I love reading flower seed catalogs in winter.
  8. I can’t live without my camera.
  9. In case of extreme disaster I eat chocolate.
  10. I have my own power drill and glue gun, which I don’t let anyone use!


Here is Bea’s Featured Project:

Spring Wreath with Moveable Bunnies




  1. Find a silhouette for a bunny shape- you can use a non-copyrighted silhouette which you can print off the internet.Decide which silhouette you want to go with, then enlarge by hand or on the photocopier. Draw or trace the enlarged silhouette on a piece of paper and cut out with scissors so you have a template.
  2. Split the bunny up in moveable bits, like back legs, front paws, etc. Make sure the bunny looks like it makes sense- just use your judgement.Just fiddle around till it looks right.Use these separate and move-able bits of the bunny and trace them on sturdy cardboard from a card-board box from a grocery store.
  3. Use these separate and moveable bits of the bunny and trace them on sturdy cardboard from a card-board box from a grocery store.
  4. Then trace on the cardboard and cut out and put together so it looks right … then attach the legs and paws and tail to the main body using those pins you can get in a stationary store. You need to look for a pin with a head, which splits in two with two legs, so you can fold one leg through the hole, then to the left, and one to the right, so you attach the one piece of card board to the other. Make a few of these bunnies, say 6.
  5. You can either buy a ready- made wreath, or you can make your own as follows: make a long garland of some flexible branches or twigs from a tree. Tie the garland together with string, at intervals, then fashion this into a circle and attach the end to the beginning. This will give you your basic wreath.
  6. Give the bunnies some cheerful colored ribbon around their necks, and attach the bunnies to the wreath with a glue gun- if you want, you can combine them with some cheerfully colored eggs you have painted or decoupaged or some Styrofoam eggs instead …