Meet and Make: A Mod Podge Ornament from Amy Anderson + 11 Days ’til Christmas Giveaway

From now through Christmas day, we’re featuring a project here on the FaveCraftsBlog, along with a question for you to comment on. From those comments, we’ll pick a daily winner and you’ll receive a Gift from Santa’s Sleigh! How’s that for a great way to celebrate all month long?!

Meanwhile, it’s Meet and Make Day, so I have a great post from Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks. Amy is SO full of ideas that I’m always inspired talking with her, reading her blog, or keeping up with her Facebook posts about great Mod Podge projects. So I’m letting Amy take the wheel on the rest. And don’t forget to leave a comment so you’re entered in today’s giveaway. See the VERY bottom of the post for info on that!

Amy’s Ten Fun Facts

1.  I love Mod Podge, but I’ve actually been knitting and sewing longer . . . since before high school.
2.  I have a sock monkey collection.
3.  I come from a family of four younger brothers, so I’m definitely a tomboy.
4.  I craft from a one-bedroom apartment affectionately known as “Mod Podge Command Central.”
5.  I have an undergraduate degree in Forestry.  Isn’t that hilarious?
6.  Halloween is my very favorite holiday.
7.  My celebrity crush is Clive Owen.
8.  I love all things pumpkin flavored – bread, pancakes, ice cream.  Yummy!
9.  Star Wars is my favorite movie, hands down.  I’m a huge nerd.
10.  If I could go anywhere in the world, I would want to hike the ruins of Macchu Pichu.  One of these days I’ll get there.
And now, the Project!!!

Wello hello there!  I’m Amy from Mod Podge Rocks – a blog all about decoupage with the world’s best medium, Mod Podge.  Holiday time is such a wonderfully crafty time.  I can’t stop making things, and I’m happy to be sharing a handmade ornament with you today.

Handmade ornaments remind me of when I was little, except there’s a lot less macaroni and tempera paint involved!  I made an ornament that I would like to share with you; I think you’ll really enjoy making one yourself.  If you’ve never used Mod Podge before, this is a great place to start.  Here’s how to do it.

Gather These Supplies


1. Trace the ornament with the pencil onto the back of your sheet of scrapbook paper.  Cut the shape out just inside the lines (carefully) and set aside.

2. Paint the entire ornament with several coats of Pure Gold, back and front.  Allow to dry.

3. You will be Mod Podging the paper to the front of the ornament only (choose either side).  Put a medium layer of Mod Podge down on the ornament, being sure to get the edges well.  Lay your sheet of paper onto the ornament and align the paper shape with the ornament shape.  Smooth thoroughly with your hands – a brayer works very well too.  Wipe away any Mod Podge that comes out the sides.  Allow to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

4. Spread a top coat of Mod Podge onto the paper, as well as over the entire ornament.  Allow to dry and apply another coat.  Allow to dry.

5. Use Mod Podge to apply the die cut shape of your choice to the front of the ornament.  Smooth and allow to dry.

6. Apply Dimensional Magic to the top of the die cut shape.  Work slowly.  Dimensional Magic is great, because surface tension near the edges keeps it on the shape as long as you don’t squeeze out way too much.  Don’t you love the science behind crafting? Tip: Allow the Dimensional Magic to dry in a warm place, NOT near a window, especially this time of year.  Cool weather makes DM crack.

7. Either use craft glue or a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to the outside of the ornament.  Allow to dry.

8. Add some texture to your ornament with the snowflake brads.  Make a small slit in the ornament in various places and slip the brads in.  Don’t push them flat to the surface.  They look great popping off the surface!  My brads are sparkly so they add a little fun glitter, too.

9. The final step is to glue the gem at the bottom of the ornament.  Allow to cool and you’re finished.

Thanks so much to FaveCrafts for having me, and thank you for reading!  I hope you have lots of time for crafting with loved ones in the next few weeks.  Come see me at Mod Podge Rocks anytime for fun projects and advice.  Happy Holidays!

Thanks Amy! As for the rest of you, leave a comment below – one lucky commenter will receive a Gift from Santa’s Sleigh. Hurry. You only have until Midnight central time to enter. Tomorrow will be another day, another featured project, and another giveaway!

P.S. Since our comments require approval before they are live on the site, your comment will be included as an entry even if you don’t see it on the page. Also, we only include one comment per person, but you can make more than one comment if you want!

[Note: The giveaway is now closed, but feel free to leave your comments if you like! See all of our Christmas Countdown posts here!]


  1. Lisa says

    I love this! I am thinking of an ornament “swap” with this idea! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. Jamie says

    As a mod podge lover myself, your ornament is the bomb!! I totally <3 it!
    You always have the best podeeeee projects!! Keep em coming!! 🙂


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