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Summer Camp Week Video + Butterfly Mobile Tutorial

Summer Camp Week Kids Crafts Banner Summer Camp Week, Day 1: Nature Camp Crafts + Giveaway

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Hi there, campers! Welcome back to Summer Camp Week from AllFreeKidsCrafts! I hope you’re enjoying all of the exciting craft projects and giveaways we’ve posted so far. Be sure to enter today’s giveaway by visiting this blog post and commenting. Today’s theme is Academic Camps, so put on your thinking caps and click here to comment and enter the giveaway! You can also check out AllFreeKidsCrafts, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all of the action!

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This afternoon, I have a fantastic camp craft idea that’s great for decorating the cabin or a crafty kids’ room. This project from EK Success Brand’s American Girl Crafts line is a great idea if you’re looking for crafts for preteens and kids who love nature! You can even substitute the butterflies with creepy crawlies for a more rough-and-tumble look if you prefer. Also, if you like this project, check out AllFreeKidsCrafts for more great butterfly projects like these Hanging Glass Butterfly Feeders!

How to Make a Butterfly Mobile

by American Girl Crafts and EK Success Brand

Butterfly Mobile



Before you start:

  1. Glue can be messy, so cover your work space with newspaper or scrap paper.
  2. From the Paper Posies Pad, punch out a wide range of small and large butterflies.
  3. Cut 10 to 15 pieces of Stretchable String, each 14 inches long.

Option A:

  1. Punch out a large butterfly from the Paper Posies Pad. Find 2 smaller butterflies from the Brilliant Butterflies Shiny Stickers, which will go on either side of the large butterfly.
  2. Glue the end of a piece of the string between the large butterfly and one of the small butterflies. Press butterflies together.
  3. Stick the other small butterfly onto the opposite side of the large butterfly.

Option B:

  1. Cut out the circle template included with these instructions, and trace onto patterned paper. Cut out two circles.
  2. Glue the end of one piece of string between the 2 circles. Place 2 smaller butterflies from the Brilliant Butterflies Shiny Stickers onto either side.

Option C:

  1. Punch out 2 butterflies that are the same shape from the Paper Posies Pad.
  2. Glue the butterflies back-to-back around the string.

Adding more decoration:

  1. Tie a double knot 2 to 3 inches above a hanging butterfly. String a Painted Bead so that it slides down and rests above the knot.
  2. Glue 2 more butterflies back-to-back, above or below the bead. Remember, making each string of butterflies different is what makes your mobile fun!
  3. Hang about 10 to 15 butterflies on strings. When these are completed, tie the top ends of the strings to the embroidery hoop, spacing them evenly apart. Tie the strings so that the butterflies hang at different lengths.
  4. Have an adult help you figure out how high to hang your mobile. Cut 3 more pieces of Stretchable String, about 15 inches long, depending on where you want your mobile to hang. Tie the ends of these strings around the embroidery hoop.
  5. To hide the strings, glue small butterflies from the Paper Posies Pad around the edge of the embroidery hoop. If you like, stick an adhesive foam square on the back of a few to make them pop. Gently bend their wings up to make them look as though they are flying.
  6. Tie the 3 plain, hanging strings together in a knot above the embroidery hoop. String a couple of Painted Beads above the knot.

There you have it! A lovely butterfly mobile to decorate your bedroom, classroom, garden and more!

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