7 Lucky Horseshoe Crafts

You don’t have to have a western themed home to embrace the horseshoe. Horseshoes are now almost a staple in modern and rustic decor. There are some really talented Etsy sellers that have mastered the art of crafting with horseshoes and I envy them most days! I only have horseshoes from my horseback riding days and finding them at the barn. I also have some vintage horseshoes from my grandfather when he worked on a farm in Wisconsin as a boy. I treasure those horseshoes and I don’t think i could alter them in any way. However, I do plan to look for some horseshoes at antique shops this summer – and you can too!

There is a debate as to which way horseshoes are to be hung in a home. Some say that hanging them with the open side upwards keeps all the good luck in the home. If the horseshoe is turned upside down, the luck will fall out, which will bring bad luck to the home. Others seem to say that turning the horseshoe upside down lets all of the luck pour out into the home. For me, an upside down horseshoe makes me cringe!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up and my love of horseshoes and anything related to horses, I’ve gathered up 7 Lucky Horseshoe Crafts we can all try. Similar to the horseshoe debate, there is also the “lucky” debate between four leaf clovers and three leaf clovers. Growing up, I always knew that finding a four leaf clover was next to impossible – but after hours in a field at day camp, I finally found one. But if you’re Irish (and I am a little bit Irish), you know that the three leaf clover is the traditional symbol, the shamrock. People tend to get hot-headed over this difference for some reason. I promise you, no matter which way you hang your horseshoe or which clover you like best, there’s lots of good luck to spread around before St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. Horseshoe Plate Holder from Elizabeth Jones Designs
  2. A Wee St. Pat’s Pallet Sign from Fynes Designs
  3. Horseshoe Candle Holder from Simply Country Life
  4. Lucky Horseshoe Pallet Sign from Fynes Designs
  5. Good Luck Horseshoes from Texas Craft House
  6. Lucky Golden Horseshoe Sign from French Knots
  7. Horse Shoe Photo Frame from Cut Out + Keep


 Horseshoes up or down? Three leaves or four?








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    It made my day to see some traffic from your site and your Good Luck Horseshoe reference. I loved reading your post about not needing a western theme to incorporate a horseshoe and the wonderful pictures for inspiration. Thanks for sharing with your readers – it means a lot to us.

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