Link Love: Your Favorite Craft Blogs

We want to know, “What are your favorite craft blogs?” We asked some of our blogger friends to cast their votes. Some of the favorites are not really craft blogs, but they are pretty amazing nonetheless. Make sure to cast your own votes in the comments!

Here are the answers:

Ann DeOtte of Still Dottie

I have to say that Craft: & Whip Up are my top two. I love the quantity & variety posted on Craft: – there is something for everyone there. Whip Up makes my tops because of it’s purposeful posts, every project has great style.

Mer Mag is next. She isn’t only a craft blogger, but an illustrator and design enthusiast. Her DIY projects are gorgeous and super unique.

PS I Made This is a great fashion craft blog, pulling inspiration from the runway and magazines. “It’s a call to action to re-imagine, re-use, and re-invent. I see it. I like it. I make it.”

Heart of Light is another great blog that extends past DIY. It’s filled with gorgeous photography & delicious food posts.

I really like seeing blogs where DIY feels like it’s incorporated into the writer’s life. These projects feel necessary, purposeful, & from the heart.

Jenya of MyEvaForeva

I love: because Mitsy is full of brilliant ideas and her work is beautiful.  She also has really cool DIYs. because Julia’s sense of style is implacable and that shows through her blogging and of course in her work. because Tara is doing amazing job with introducing her website as more than just another blog but a platform for crafters/handmade lovers to connect and share experiences. because Kate is one classy lady and I share her taste. because Jena features some of the trendiest products and artists.

Vicky Breslin of Miss Vicky

Sheila of Cheeky Magpie

I love because Rachel combs the internet and other blogs for crafty projects, templates, and design ideas. She organizes everything into categories like kids crafts, season projects, and printables. There’s a ton of new stuff every single day. is a fun blog that features a mix of fashion, handmade items, and home decor from around the web. Everything is so pretty and very inspiring.

I’ve been reading for a few years now. I love her paper designs but also her photography. She’s inspired me to take better photos. She’s got a great sense of humor and writes well.

I just discovered Cathe features lots of cool clipart and design inspiration. I love her style and she’s got some great tutorials.

I have on my google home page and it’s the only blog I read every single day. It’s a great place to find out what’s new and exciting in scrapbooking and paper crafts. There’s plenty of projects and product info on there. It’s a must see.

Molly of Bit of Shine

1. Ruffles and Stuff – I am usually intimidated by my sewing machine and she always makes such darling things that I’m inspired to try it despite my total lack of self-confidence.

2. Crafting with Cat Hair – she has such cute projects and I never would have gotten into using felt if it wasn’t for her.

3. maya*made – the most fantastic projects out of the most humble materials!

4. A Fanciful Twist – part adventure, part magic, part art, part photography and part just plain creative inspiration – all delightful!

5. Mt. Hope Chronicles – she takes the most beautiful photos and always has incredible, inspiring quotes. I always feel like I’ve gone traveling in her pocket when I read her posts.

Gail Friend of Cupcakes and Cute Stuff

1. Michelle is a quilter and makes her own patterns from her lovely studio in “bunnyville”  Too cute!2. Natasha is in Australia and has many artistic talents.

3. Joy makes beautiful jewelry

4. This blog is from France, but her art speaks for itself.

5. Such a fun blog.. her art is fun and whimsical and she is quite a writer.

6. (if I may be so bold for shameless self promotion. lol) My blog

Elizabeth of Covered in Crafts

Maya Made: I love her modern yet country style. She comes up with so many little things that are interesting.

Make It and Love it: I like her humor and the projects are easy to understand.

One Pretty Thing: I know it’s not a regular blog but I am in love with all the pictures and the ability to just see projects without a lot of reading. It’s perfect for late night browsing!

Can’t Stop Making Things: I dig the name and I love the variations in projects. She has a lot of fun ways to look at everyday stuff.

Covered In Crafts: Well, because you know that just about everyone is going to try to get their craft blog in and I’m just not sneeky about it. LOL!!

Phyllis of Many Creative Gifts — FibreSpace is this great new yarn store in Alexandria VA where I did a little crochet teaching, so I’m always checking in to see what the knitters are up to! — my friend DeAnn recently started this blog about management and leadership, so I’m supporting her new venture, but she is quite savvy about these things. — “Lady Linoleum” is so cool and creative, really talented and comes up with stuff I’d never dream up, so I really enjoy the different-ness of it.

Madeline of Madeline Faiella Designs




1.  Laura Bray was one of my mentees.  I enjoy following her because she combines her creativity with awesome business acumen.  I like that.  I also learn from her!  I get her newsletters and I head to her blog!  I have fun there and I feel like there’s a connection.

2.  I learn a lot at this blog.  I have begun to put together a licensing portfolio and Tara Reed’s information is always worth the read..

3.  Seth’s blog keeps me grounded.  I like to hear what he has to say because if it isn’t something new, it’s something I already know but need to be reminded.  I enjoy keeping my interests varied and I feel as though this blog fills a portion of my psyche that enables me to think clearly for creating.

4.  It’s important to me to fill my curiosity so that I can create.  I like this blog for learning what’s going on without too much fluff.  I know, it’s not very crafty in the conventional way, but for me I find that it’s another way for me to keep in balance.

5.  I love the tutorials for Photoshop and this is the best site for me to go to when I need an answer quickly.  So far, it’s been great.

Annie of Firefly Hill Designs

I love the blog world and sometimes wonder how did we get along before it was invented!  I visit lots and lots of blogs everyday….all different types ranging from crafty to home decor to family life.  It is hard to narrow my favorites to 5 but here goes:

1.    Inspireco– Amy Powers is amazingly creative but I also love visiting her to check in on her adorable little boy called Alfredo.

2.    Jennifer Paganelli– Jennifer is a fabric designer extraordinaire and visiting her blog is like a visit to a candy store!

3.    Kathy’s Cottage– Kathy has a beautiful blog where she showcases her beautiful sewing creations, thrifting finds, delicious recipes and more.  I feel a connection to Kathy because she lives in Michigan which is where I grew up!

4.    Dear Little Red House– Mary is the very first blog I became really addicted to.  She is also sort of my neighbor as she lives not too far from me here in New Jersey.  Her blog is jfilled with her beautiful photos of nature, her thrifting finds and her gorgeous English country decorating style.

5.    Kelly’s Korner– I think Kelly is probably the kindest and most generous person on earth!  I love reading about her life with her family and especially her beautiful baby girl called Harper.

Melissa of Tiny Happy

  1. Fine Little Day – for the beautiful Swedish sensibilities and lovely second-hand stuff.
  2. Angry Chicken- – so many useful craft ideas and intelligent and funny writing.
  3. Rummage – seriously witty writing and amazing styling- she makes me want to be more colourful.
  4. Anna Emilia – delicate and sensitive… very beautiful artwork.

Becky of the Fab Miss B

Here are five blogs that are full of amazing content I never seen anywhere else.

1) Hollister Hovey: This is one lady who follows the creed “To thine own self be true!” Her collection of pith helmets alone recommends her in my mind. Check out her mother’s day post for further evidence of total originality.

2) Le Blog de Betty: This French girl pulls together endless permutations from her closet and always manages to look totally unique. She inspires me to be bolder with my combinations too. If nothing else, I’ve learned to worry less about matching and think more about texture and proportion in my own wardrobe. (And I love how she translates her French for all us English speakers- it’s totally charming.)

3) Double Takes: Lauren has a knack for finding things no one else has posted yet and I’m in love. She always discovers incredible things- like this rug!

4) The Rag & Bone Blog: This blog is always full of the coolest new work from paper and book artists all over the world. Invariably leads me to something incredible that I’ve never seen before.

5) Yesterday was Dramatic, Today is Okay: I discovered this blog through one of Jimena’s beautiful blogosphere roundups, and I’m in love. Amazing photos of daily life in India. Makes me want to go and visit even more.

Chasity of Belle and Burger

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Amy Huntley of The Idea Room

My 5 favorite blogs to read are (in no particular order):

1. The Meanest Mom.  She is so funny!  Her stories always make me laugh.  I can relate to many of her stories about life as a mom!

2. UCreate.  Kari scours the craft blogs and always posts the best of the best.  She does all the work for me.  I always find something I would like to make myself.

3. Just a Girl.  I love how creative and organized she is.

4. Infarrantly Creative.  Love her projects and the way she decorates her home.

5. Knock Off Wood.  Amazing!  Her knock-off Pottery Barn Furniture is simply amazing.  I want to make so many of the plans she has provided.

Natalia Anderson of Make Monthly

I think my top five favorite blogs are on constant monthly rotation as I either discover new blogs or as my mood changes. My favorite blogs usually have images or projects that really inspire or motivate me in some aspect of my life. Here are my current top 5 blogs that I’m into:

Poppytalk ( This one has always been in my top five. When I am browsing through this blog I often find myself bookmarking every single post, it just totally speaks my language. I love it because they regularly feature affordable art, neat-o decorating ideas, handmade goodies, awesome artists, tutorials, collecting and thrifting, the list is endless really. Also, if you’re into handmade goods Poppytalk Handmade is a place to showcase, buy and sell.

Hula 70 ( Speaking of blogs that speak my language! I don’t know Andrea in Portland Oregon (The gal behind this top 5) but sometimes I feel like she could be the slightly older big sister that I never had. Andrea’s photos and words always inspire me. I also love that she loves doing projects and posting about them and I really love that she is as obsessed with list making as much as I am!

Twig and Thistle ( This treat of a blog is ran by a fellow graphic designer, Kathleen. I find this blog to be an endless inspiration source for all things relating to print work and packaging (my favorite). Not that the stimulation ends there, Kathleen post great finds from other artist, tutorials that I have actually used and examples of her own work which I find more than charming.

Just Something I Made ( When I first came across this blog a while back I was blown away by the endless creatively of designer, crafter, mother and blogger, Cathe Holden.  I don’t even know how a mind can come up with so many amazing projects day after day. I go to this blog for motivation to get my own “creative on” and to check out awesome tutorials and free downloads.

A Collection a Day ( This new blog created by the artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon ( is the perfect quick inspiration fix. Every daily post features an image of a collection either owned or imagined by Lisa. The typically, mundane object from everyday life truly becomes magical and significant in these series of collections…it’s a daily must see.

Linda Peterson of Linda Peterson Designs

In no particular order – but these are the ones I keep up with routinely:

Jen Lowe Designs – Jen is a awesome paper engineer!  She amazes me at how she just “whips” stuff together and makes it look brilliant.  Her collage work is among my favorites.  She has such attention to detail.  She’s also a wonderful poet.  Her ability to thoughts and feelings into words never ceases to amaze me.  Three years ago, my daughter got word that she was “cancer free”.  I called Jen and told her the news.  She wrote the most beautiful poem ever and of course that ended up on a very special scrapbook page called “2 tiny words”…

Liz Welch – Liz is a textile artist who lives in the UK.  She is also known in the UK as the queen of Friendly Plastic.  She has a unique style and is never afraid to experiment.  I enjoy her blog as she travels thru the UK and talks about all the wonderful people she’s met with her classes.  Her textile work is award winning!

Mylene Hillam – – Mylene is a mixed media artist who is also on the Krafty Lady design team.  Mylene also works with Friendly Plastic and also teaches courses in making resin jewelry.  Her work is inspiring and she is a beautiful lady throughout

Margot Potter: – I love that Margot is not afraid to be unique and witty.  Her designs are fun and really capture her theatrical personality.  I also love how she is involving her daughter in her creative endevours.

Katie Hacker – Katie is an avid beader…and in my book a true Bead Queen.  Katies sense of style really shines thru her beadwork.  She’s such a sweet and giving person and I always go to her blog when I need a boost of inspiration.  It’s so full of eyecandy!

Marie Segal of Art from the My Heart

1.– Welcome to Meredith’s World, The Meredith Arnold Vortex of Creative Living- There is a whole bunch of awesome info on promoting yourself and your art. Making your own brushes, on the life of an artist, how pens work, and tons of informative, interesting links and info.

2. Pink and Green Mama–– A basic and brilliant kids art blog, that I adore. Sometimes the things she does and the concepts she explains are so simple and yet beautiful and the best part, easy to understand… for anyone of any age. And it is colorful, I love that.

3.All I ever Wanted–– Linda Sue is a great felt artist, beautiful and colorful work with a glimpse in to her life and awareness

4. Circling my head–– Renee is woman who I admire and is honest and frank. This blog helps me to realize how precious and beautiful life is. And that even in pain we can live in joy and love.

5.Get Zapped–– A new one I am getting very addicted to. Beautiful pictures and wonderful quotes or wisdom

Get Zen is where she showcases her art

Thank you all who participated!


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