Link Love: The Manliest of Gifts

It seems like the men in our lives get overlooked when it comes to crafting a lot of the time. Let’s face it, most of the frilly, pretty, poofy things we craft just don’t appeal to guys. So what can you make for your man this year? Try one of these ideas from around the web!

  1. DIY Monogram Mugs from Design Mom
  2. Toiletry Bag from Prudent Baby
  3. Beer Coasters from Bare Bodied Beauty
  4. Monogrammed Cuff Links from Purl Bee
  5. Big Bow Tie from Kojo Designs
  6. Stenciled Bike Shirt from Tatertots and Jello on Kojo Designs
  7. Guitar T-Shirt from Acire Adventures
  8. Leather ‘Tache Keychain from Luck and Bliss
  9. Etched Beer Mugs from I’m a YaYa!



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