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Link Love: Macrame Crafts Are Knot Your Average Home Decor

I will be honest, I had never heard of macrame before. I didn’t even know how to use it in a sentence! So it came as a surprise when I typed it into Google and find that it’s just knots. (I’m sorry to those of you who already know what it is, but bear with me for a few lines.) Homemade macrame jewelry is what mostly comes up. Basically, it’s a series of knots assembled in a way to hold stuff of varying sizes. It normally uses cotton, linen, yarn, or rope—what you choose to use for macrame materials usually depends on what you’re doing with it. If you’re making macrame jewelry, then you can use a lighter string with beads. For right now, however, I wanted to explore what other options macrame crafting has to offer.

So what do I go to first? Home decor. Living in the city gives me an awesome urban background to try a hipster/urban-chic decorations. These DIY home decor ideas are a great way to bring a little Bohemian-chic into your home. They may remind you of those corner-hanging-lamps with the tassels and the psychedelic coloring, but the modern world has transformed the hipster decorating ideas. These designs call for basic knot-tying skills such as square knots and overhand knots and are an up-and-coming trend for home decor. Don’t both spending money, let alone attempting to find the exact color and fabric you want, at a store when you can use any fabric, in any color, for your own color scheme.


Macrame Crafts Are Knot Your Average Home Decor


Macrame Projects


Macrame Bottle Vases from Crafting Fingers

Easy DIY Plant Hanger from A Charming Project

Macrame Wheat Grass Eggs from The Merry Thought

Macrame Rope Wall-hanging from Miss Amy Phipps

Macrame Plant Holder from Classy Clutter

Macrame Yarn Garland from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Hanging Macrame Chair from Classy Clutter

Macrame Herb Hanger


Although most of the items that the macrame is holding are potted plants, you can use these to hold about anything. You can use a garden gazing globe and create beautiful colored light inside your home. It can be used as a hanging storage place for your child’s stuffed animals. This is a trending craft that will work for whatever setting you have in your home. Even try it outside to hang your hanging plants. Urban, Bohemian, country, rustic… These rope crafts are going to be the hottest thing to make!


Where and what will you use macrame for?