Link Love: DIY Antlers

It’s time for a somewhat unusual link love post, but unusual in the best way. Because, quite frankly, these craft projects are actually becoming more and more common and we don’t hate them. In fact, there are plenty of reasons crafting with antlers is actually quite amazing.

Some things to note before you send PETA after me.

  • Deer, and other antlered animals, shed their antlers naturally
  • Some, if not all, of the projects below can be made using fake antlers (plastic, plaster, etc) that you can probably find online somewhere
  • I don’t like hunting. I am not supporting killing deer in any way at all.

These antler projects are trending all over the place. I’ve seen antlers in home decor magazines and there are TONS of  painted antlers on Etsy that are simply gorgeous. These diy antler projects will inspire you to use this renewable resource in your home decor. I like to think of it as a “rustic meets modern” sort of project. We can all see the natural element in these antler craft ideas and by bringing nature indoors, we are admiring and bringing beauty in our homes. Appreciate the natural and abstract shape of antlers and embrace the uniqueness of each one. Plus, there are even diy faux antlers that you can try to make. Learn how to make antlers with paper mache or even clay and you’ll love the result. Painting deer antlers is just one way to make these natural pieces a little more urban and chic.  It’s time to make deer antlers a part of your home decor this year.


  1. Antler Necklace DIY from Always Rooney
  2. DIY Paper Mache Deer Antlers from PoppyQuinn
  3. DIY Antler Jewelry Organizer from Southern Architectress
  4. Mounted Antlers from Paisley Wallpaper
  5. DIY Antler Wreath from Primitive and Proper
  6. Pallet Antler Wall Art from Megan Brooke Handmade
  7. Deer Antler Artwork from Uniquely Yours…or Mine!
  8. DIY: Antler Jewelry Holder from The Yellow Postcard
  9. Antler Coat Rack from Camille Styles

What do you think of the DIY antler trend?

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