“Liberty and Jewelry For All”

The Fourth of July holiday revolves around outdoor barbeques, fireworks, parades, picnics, and craft fairs.  To celebrate, people dress in red, white, and blue. This year, add to your patriotic outfit with these festive and original DIY jewelry ideas AllFreeJewelryMaking has put together for you. Just like the 13 original colonies of our nation, there are 13 original DIY jewelry pieces here for you to create. Each project relates to one of our brave founding colonies who fought for our independence in 1776.  So, show your patriotic and festive side on our country’s 238th birthday with these 13 original DIY jewelry ideas!

Liberty and Jewelry For All

Erupting Massachusetts Bay Bracelet

Paul Revere started his long ride from Massachusetts, so make make this Crackling Firework DIY Bracelet to commemorate his heroic ride.


Ever Ready Rhode Island and New Hampshire

Bordering Massachusetts Bay colony on each end, Rhode Island and New Hampshire saw a lot of action during our fight for Independence. Celebrate Rhode Island’s part with these playful Patriotic Filigree Earrings, and New Hampshire’s role with this nationalistic Nautical Braided Bracelet.


It’s a Yankee Doodle Bracelet

If you lived in New York or New Jersey in 1776, you were without a doubt a “Yankee.” Well, honor all the American Yankees with these two beautiful bracelets, the Star Beaded Bracelet and the Red, White, and Blue Wrap Bracelet.

Star Beaded Bracelet

Star Beaded Bracelet


Loyal and Brave Maryland

Celebrating Independence Day with jewelry does not have to be expensive. Dress up your ears festively this holiday with these Plastic Cup Earrings.


Crackling Connecticut DIY Ring

Do not forget to bedazzle your ears for your Fourth of July celebration with some DIY Jewelry. To do, make our festively beaded Happy 4th Earrings and think of Connecticut, the colony originally known as the “River Colony.”

Happy 4th Earrings

Happy 4th Earrings


Delaware’s Daughters of the Revolution

Celebrate all that the Daughters of the American Revolution did for our independence by making this Sweet Liberty Beaded Crochet Bracelet for your daughters.

The Liberty Bell Rings

Make and wear this fun Fourth of July Fireworks Ring to commemorate the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania, one of our nation’s most cherished symbols.


Very Virginia Ribbon DIY Jewelry

The Fourth of July is known not only for its fun celebrations, but also its heat. Cool off with these two pieces of Easy Patriotic Ribbon Jewelry and honor colony that gave us our first president.

Easy Patriotic Ribbon Jewelry

Easy Patriotic Ribbon Jewelry

Sweet Land of Carolina

Nothing says patriotic like some stunning star DIY Jewelry pieces. With the Falling Stars and Star-Shaped Wire Hoop Earrings, you will be rocking some stars for the brave colonies of South and North Carolina.


You’re a Grand Ol’Necklace

Need a simple yet grand necklace for a party? Then, make this Cobalt Blueberries Necklace for a democratic Georgian colony.



 What jewelry do you wear for the Fourth of July?

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