Halloween Crafts for Kids: Pom Pom Spookers

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Pom Pom Spookers

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I make these adorable little critters every year around Halloween and they are loved by children of any age. You can use pom poms you make yourself with yarn, or make use of fluffy, store-bought ones! Place around the home as Halloween decor, or use to decorate packages!


  • Assorted large pom poms
  • Assorted cardstock
  • Small googly eyes
  • Black embroidery floss
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Strong craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Circle punch 1 ½”


1. Before starting your critters, punch out some colorful circles with a paper punch, or cut out your own using a stencil or even free hand. These will be the ‘base’ for each critter, and the size should be a little larger than a quarter {around 1 ½”}.


2. To make an owl critter, cut out three tiny triangles, two circles, and two pointy feet from yellow cardstock. Glue all pieces onto a dark-colored pom pom and add tiny googly eyes as a final touch. Glue your owl on a circle base.


3. To make a cute witch, cut a witch hat out of black cardstock. Cut two tiny circles out of white cardstock, and a broom out of tan colored cardstock. Glue all pieces on a black pom pom and add googly eyes inside the white circles. If you have some glitter glue, add a line to the witch’s hat. Glue your witch on a circle base.


4. To make the cute jack-o-lantern critters, you can let your imagination go wild! Knotted black embroidery floss makes cute beady eyes… or use googly eyes instead. Cut paper can make a funny smile or nose. A strand of black embroidery floss offers a simple smile.

halloween-pom6    halloween-pom7

5. After gluing all your face components together, add a little hat to your critter by folding a half circle and gluing it on the seam. Glue a small piece of pipe cleaner at the bottom for the fringe of the hat. These tiny hats are tricky for little hands, so an adult’s help might be needed! Glue your jack-o-lanterns on colorful circle bases.



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