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Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts

Father’s Day is almost here. Ohmygooodness I completely blanked. Between a new job, working out, wedding crafts, and, you know, eating I completely spaced. Guys, Dad’s do so much for us. I don’t even have to get on a pedestal for everyone to know how much your dad or father-figure do for their families. This holiday seems to get underscored a lot, especially in classrooms, because it is in the middle of the summer, but I feel like we should give our dads the same treatment as any appreciative holiday!


Last Minute Father’s Day Crafts


Man Cave SignsMy mom was always really good about homemade Father’s Day gifts. There is this frame with pictures of all three of us kids, painted, with the year, but this is the best part: my mom put all of our fingerprints on the frame with our full handprints on the back. Kid’s handprint crafts are the best for capturing that moment when they’re that age. I had made him a frame out of bottle caps one year (he still has that thing in his office). Honestly, any pictures of the kids doing a cute thing would make his day. My dad also has a thing for funny t-shirts. Personalize things. Make memories.¬†We need to give Dad’s the appreciation they deserve or any father-figure. I always made two Father’s Day gifts when I was younger because I am very close with my uncle. Father’s Day is about appreciating the man or men in your life that mentor and help you in life.

This Father’s Day, don’t give Dad the same old tie or card. I know those are quick Father’s Day gifts, but these Father’s Day crafts are so much more fun, and he will love the hard work that you put into it. You can upcycle old ties that he doesn’t wear anymore and create a necktie wreath for your door or his office space. You can mimic my mom’s idea with the picture frame or use this recycled pop-can picture frame. If you’re in a quick fix, these gifts are a way to personalize the holiday while still saving you time. He will love your creativity in making these projects. If none of these still don’t fit your fancy, try some of these wire-work crafts and you can make a tie holder.



Father's Day Gifts


Recycled Soda Can Frame

Rustic Man Cave Signs

Recycled No Sew Necktie Wreath

Goody Bag

Father’s Day Pie in a Jar

Daddy’s Day Alphabet Kids

Golf Tee Porcupine

Store Your Stache

36 Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas Free eBook

Golf Ball Flowers

Painted Toolbox

Office Memo Board

Handprint Plate

What are your most memorable Father’s Day gifts?