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The Knit Dishcloth Pattern Collection Every Knitter Needs

knit-dishcoloth-pattern-collectionHave you ever knit a dishcloth? They are one of the quickest and easiest things to knit and they make perfect gifts. Today I bring to you not one, not two, but nine knit dishcloth patterns all in different stitches! Learn how to knit a dishcloth in nine different stitches and you’ll be able to see which stitch is your favorite. I personally love them all! It all depends on your skill level, but you can work through each dishcloth knitting pattern and decide for yourself. Like I said, these are quick knitting projects that are perfect for beginners!

Knit Garter Stitch Dishcloth

Some people say that this pattern is the only pattern they use for dishcloths! Garter Stitch knitting is easy and this pattern is perfect for those who want to learn how to knit the garter stitch.

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern via FaveCrafts

Easy Dishcloth Knitting Pattern via FaveCrafts


Slip Stitch Knitting Pattern

This dishcloth is super fast and easy knitting pattern. The slip stitch is a neat way to create texture.


Super Simple Slip Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting


Stockinette Stitch Dishcloth

Stockinette stitch knitting is a neat and tidy stitch that will help you practice you knits and purls.

 Super Stockinette Dishcloth

Super Stockinette Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth

This knit dishcloth pattern is a great way to step up your knitting skills.

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth

Lattice Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting


Knit Seed Stitch Dishcloth

Knit seed stitch is the best way to create the ultimate texture for a dishcloth. Great for scrubbing!

Seed Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

Seed Stitch Dishcloth Pattern via AllFreeKnitting

Double Seed Stitch Dishcloth

After you learn the how to seed stitch, double the fun with this knit dishcloth pattern.

Double Seed Stitch Dishcloth

Double Seed Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting

Basketweave Knit Dishcltoh

This knit technique lets you switch from knit to purl to create the basketweave effect.

Nifty Knitted Dishcloth

Nifty Knitted Dishcloth via FaveCrafts

Moss Stitch Knit Dishcloth

The moss stitch is another wonderfully textured stitch.

Moss Stitch Dishcloth

Moss Stitch Dishcloth via AllFreeKnitting

Waffle Stitch Knit Dishcloth

Create this fun texture with an easy-to-memorize pattern.

Nana's Favorite Dishcloth Pattern

Nana’s Favorite Dishcloth Pattern via AllFreeKnitting

Which knitted dishcloth pattern do you want to try?


These free dishcloth knitting patterns are varied and unique – you won’t find two patterns that look anywhere near the same. Dishcloths are a great option for beginning knitters or anyone who wants to make something in one night. Often, these projects only require one skein of yarn, so you can make a dishcloth anywhere.

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