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Just For Kids! Adorable Easter Craft Ideas

This post is brought to you by Mary Egan from CraftFoxes

The next big holiday is Easter! Easter is a time of new beginnings after a long winter. The holiday is a great time to educate kids about spring, flowers, and everything turning green again! The best way to teach kids these ideas is through creative, interactive crafts. There are lots of great how-tos and crafting projects for Easter on the CraftFoxes website. From cute hair accessories to springtime snacks, CraftFoxes has many options for  crafts to make with your kids. Here are four projects you can work on with your kids to teach them all about the spring season. Get ready to have some fun as the weather gets warmer.


Felt Butterfly Sewing Pattern

When the weather warms up, kids are likely to see butterflies in the garden. Why not have them create and decorate some butterflies of their own? All you’ll need for this simple and fun craft is felt in bright, springtime colors, embroidery thread, an embroidery needle, along with other fun decorations. Sew the felt together to create the shape of a butterfly. Once the butterfly is constructed, let your kids join the crafting fun to decorate. Offer up glitter, sequins, buttons, beads, and anything else you may have on hand for them to use. This butterfly can be stuck to windows or even on the fridge with a magnet.

You can learn more about this Easter craft for kids at CraftFoxes. 


Chocolate Bunny Rice Krispie Treats

Kids love snacks and Easter offers lots of different (and yummy) ideas for treats. This bunny is adorable, and the use of Cocoa Krispies will make it extra tasty! This recipe, which can be found on CraftFoxes, also includes chocolate morsels for that added kick of cocoa. Once you’ve made a batch of chocolate Rice Krispie treats, simply use a large circle-shaped cookie cutter to create the body of the bunny and a smaller circle to create the head. Then shape the mixture into ears for the bunny as well. Once you have everything prepared, call in the kids and have them help out in assembling the bunny rabbit and then decorating him.

Learn more about the Chocolate Bunny Rice Krispies Treats Easter recipe!


Duck Tape Easter Egg Photo Frame

Do you love duct tape crafts? This adorable photo frame is made entirely with tape and would make a great Easter gift for grandparents, aunts, or uncles. The frame is a simple craft, but it does involve a crafting knife so you’ll need to help your kids with it. You’ll also need a ruler, a picture of your child, a craft board, and differently colored Duck Tape. Because this is an egg frame, you might want to use pastel colors associated with Easter and springtime. Cut an egg shape out of some construction paper, and ask your kids for creative input — what designs would they like to put on the photo frame? Then, simply cut shapes out of your Duck Tape and decorate the photo frame.

Learn more about this Easter Egg photo frame.


Nest Headband

Here is an easy sewing project for kids to try. If you’ve got a young child who’s interested in crafting and is old enough to try out sewing for kids, this would be a great crafting project for them to start with. You’ll need embroidery floss, a needle, a rectangle of felt, yarn, a crochet hook, and some other decorations to use. The bird’s nest made from yarn is simple enough, and you simply need to attach some beads for the “bird’s eggs.” Once the nest is affixed to the felt, close up the felt with a blanket stitch so that it’s wound around a ribbon to create a headband. Make sure the ribbon fits around the head of whomever wants to wear it, then close it up with elastic. Not only is this a fun sewing project for kids, it’s also a lovely hair accessory to wear during spring and Easter.

You can learn more about this craft at CraftFoxes.